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Asian Studies Program:
With the increased emphasis being placed on International Studies, world markets, and diversity awareness, the College of Humanities and Public Affairs has created a minor in Asian Studies.  Students who earn this minor will be better prepared for careers in international business, public service, human resources, and graduate studies in art history, political science, public administration, religious studies, and history. To learn more about the minor in Asian Studies, please click HERE

Travel and Exchange Programs:
(1) The Qingdao Exchange Program
The China Program is a direct exchange with Missouri State University (Missouri State). Four Missouri State students will be eligible to spend a semester at Qingdao University immersed in the Chinese Culture. Qingdao University is home to over 18,000 students who study in six colleges including the College of Arts; the College of Science and Technology; the College of Textile Engineering and Fashion; the College of International Business; the College of Medicine; and the College of Teachers. QU, facing the Yellow Sea and situated in the Science, Education, and Culture District of Qingdao High-Tech Industrial Complex, sits below the magnificent Mount Fushan which rises in its background, creating a beautiful academic setting. QU has expanded their academic exchange programs over the years to include 5 countries and nearly 15 universities around the world. 1998-1999 was the first year Missouri State participated in their program.  To learn more about the China program, please click HERE

(2) The Dalian Program
Located in Dalian, China, the Missouri State Branch Campus is an educational cooperation project between Liaoning Normal University and the Missouri State University System.Currently, the Missouri State Branch Campus offers through Missouri State-West Plains a curriculum that will lead to an Associate of Arts degree in General Studies with an emphasis in business. To learn more about the Dalian Program, please click HERE

(3) National Sun Yat-sen University
The Missouri State Political Science Department and the Graduate Institute of Political Science at National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Republic of China, signed an exchange agreement in January 2005.  Graduate students from Missouri State will be able to spend a semester studying at NSYSU beginning in the fall semester of 2005.  
NSYSU has been named by the Ministry of Education as one of Taiwan's seven major research-intensive universities. With a population of over two million, Kaohsiung is the second largest city in Taiwan. Their Political Science department only has exchange agreements with a small number of other institutions--including the two best universities in the People's Republic of China (Beijing University and Fudan University).  For more information on the exchange program, please contact the Political Science Department.  To view images of the sign ceremony, please click HERE

Partnership with East-West Center
Missouri State University is a regional center of the Asian Studies Development Program, of the East-West Center, University of Hawaii.  To learn more about the ASDP program please visit the following link:


MBA Partnership with International School for Management Studies, Chennai, India:
Missouri State and the International School for Management Studies (IMissouri State), a division of the Madras School of Social Work in Chennai (Madras) India, have a joint agreement facilitating entrance into the MBA program by international students from India.  The 24-credit hours of MBA Foundation courses may be completed at the International School for Management Studies and the subsequent 33-credit hours of the MBA program will be completed on the Missouri State campus.  Students at IMissouri State may also take additional preparatory classes, particularly if they are pursuing the Techno-MBA option.  The MBA degree will be granted by Missouri State. To learn more about the partnership, please click HERE

Language Opportunities:
The Modern and Classical Languages Department serves the Missouri State community by offering coursework in nine foreign languages and English-language courses in culture and literature. The Department supports the Missouri State Public Affairs Mission by fostering in its students an awareness of the world's cultural diversity, and by empowering students to make a difference in the world around them.  The Modern and Classical Languages Department offers classes in both Chinese and Japanese.  To learn more about the department, please click HERE

Meet the Missouri State Asian Studies Faculty:
Many of the faculty at Missouri State have a keen interest in Asian affairs and play a role in the Asian studies program.  Below please find a small number of these individuals and links to their homepages.

Stephen C. Berwitz, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, is an authority on religions in Asia with a special focus on Theravada Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

Dennis Van Vranken Hickey, Professor of Political Science, is an authority on the relationship between the US, China and Taiwan and security and defense issues in East Asia.

Madeleine Kernen, Associate Professor of French and Head of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages, has traveled extensively in China and aggressively promotes the study of Asian languages at Missouri State.

Jack Llewellyn, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, is an authority on the Hindu religious tradition

Weiyan Wang, Assistant Professor of Media, Journalism and Film, is an authority on East Asian film and emerging multimedia technologies.

Yongwei Zhang, Professor of Geography, is an authority on the geography of China and tourism in China and a leading figure in the maintenance of Missouri State's program's in the People's Republic of China.

International Student Services:
The Missouri State Office of International Student Services provides assistance to students from East Asia and elsewhere in the international community.  To learn more about the Office of International Student Services, please click HERE.

Asian Student Organizations:
There are over 250 Student Organizations here at Missouri State. If you would like to get involved or start a new Student Organization, then the place to start is here. The Office of Student Activities is located in the Plaster Student Union in the middle of campus. Below please find links to several Asian student organizations.

The Chinese Students and Scholars Association

The Indian Students Association

Korean Students Association

Malaysian Student Society

Taiwan Students Association (temporarily inactive)

The Thailand Students Association

Graduate Program in International Affairs & Administration
The Master of International Affairs and Administration (MIAA) degree is designed to meet the growing societal and occupational needs in a highly competitive and yet increasingly interdependent world for students trained in international affairs and administration. The main mission of the MIAA program is to produce well rounded and educated persons who understand and appreciate the diversity and complexity of international affairs, who understand the role of global citizenship, and who can bring imaginative and creative problem-solving skills to problems faced by the global community. To learn more about the program, please click HERE.

Links to Asian News Sources
There are numerous English-language news sources available to faculty and students.  These publications those seeking to gain additional information about current events in Asia. For more information, please click HERE.


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