1) Learn these 11 future middles: practice with 3rd sing. s/he and 1st pl. we


ἀκούω--> ἀκούσομαι

βαδίζω--> βαδιοῦμαι

βαίνω --> βήσομαι



θαμάζω--> θαυμάσομαι

ὁράω ---> ὄψομαι

πάσχω --> πείσομαι

πίπτω --> πεσοῦμαι

φεύγω--> φεύξομαι

And donít forget,  εἰμί --> ἔσομαι


2) Change the following forms from present to future (and translate):

πείθονται                                                    δέχεσθαι                            

πορευόμεθα                                                ἀφικνεῖται

φοβοῦνται                                                   ὁρῶμεν        

δέχονται                                                       γιγνόμεθα  

βοηθεῖτε                                                       παύεται  

ἡγοῦνται                                                      ὁρᾶν

ἑυρίσκει                                                        κελεύεις


you (all) will lead                                         he will order

they will obey                                               we will persuade


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