The following exercises are intended as a warm-up and check-list of basic terms for Quiz 1— IT DOES NOT INCLUDE ALL TERMS.


In addition to matching (below), be able to give a brief summary for these main subjects:

(1-2) early creation and Greek 'Succession Myth' and

(3-4) the main stories for the Making of Man and the Ages/Generations of Man.


Use this matching exercise to test yourself, after you have finished the assigned chapters. For anything you cannot answer confidently, go back and study the relevant passages (index at the end of Powell).


Creation and Greek 'Succession Myth’

1) Furies

2) Aphrodite

3) Rhea

4) Omphalos

5) Metis

6) Ouranos

7) Themis

8) Tithonus

9) Phaethon

10) Moerae

11) Mnemosyne

12) Typhoeus

13) Tartarus

_____ 'navel of the world', the stone given to Cronos in place of Zeus

_____ bride of Cronos and mother of Zeus

_____ son of the sun, Helius, who drove his car to doom

_____ mother of Athena, whom Zeus devoured

_____ skygod, son of Gaia who mated with her and fathered the Titans

_____ 'justice', Titan mother of Prometheus

_____ stone serpent born of Gaia and Tartarus, to challenge Zeus

_____ the so-called 'Fates', born of Night

_____ farthest pit of darkness, born with Gaia out of Chaos

_____ loved by the Dawn, Eos, he lives forever but withers with age

_____ spirits of vengeance, born from the blood of Ouranos

_____ born from the genitals of Ouranos, she came ashore at Cyprus

_____ 'Memory', Titan bride of Zeus, mother of the Muses



Be able to recognize NE parallels, as follows:

1) Anu

2) Marduk

3) Kumarbi

4) Ulikummi

5) Tiamat

6) Enuma Elish

7) Atrahasis

____the Babylonian 'Theogony' (Creation epic) celebrated at New Year's

_____ ancient sky god in Babylonian and Hittite epic = Gr. Ouranos

____ the Babylonian Noah, guided by Enki to save Mankind

_____rival to Anu in Hittite epic = Gr. Cronos

_____primordial mother (sea serpent) from which Marduk carved the world

______ stone serpent that towered to heaven to challenge sky god

______triumphant king of gods at Babylon = Gr. Zeus


Making of Man (and his doom) and don’t forget the Coming of the Greeks (ch. 2)

1) Prometheus

2) trick of sacrifice

3) Pandora

4) Minoans

5) Linear-B

6) Deucalion

7) Pyrrha

8) Lycaon

9) Bronze Age

10)  Eros

_____ provoked the first quarrel between Zeus and Prometheus

______ fashioned by Hephaestus with 'all gifts' of the gods

______ 'life-force' born with Earth out of Chaos.

______ pictographic writing of the Mycenean Greeks pre-Greek,

______ seafaring empire with capital at Knossos.

______ son of Prometheus, the Greek 'Noah'.

______ he made man from primal earth still hot with seeds of sky

______ bride of Deucalion who helped him people the world

______ wicked king who plotted to murder Zeus, and brought on the flood

______ a race of men made by Zeus, slain by their own hands