LLT 321                                             Study Guide: Gilgamesh, Achilles, and Odysseus
I. Be able to outline the Gilamesh epic and comment on the following basic terms:
Historical Gilgamesh at Uruk ca 2600: 
                    Sumerian kinglist shows predecessors 'Dumuzi,' Lugulbanda. 
                    Triumph over Agga of Kish
Making of the Epic: literary text ca. 2100;  folklore elements; 
                    archives of Ashurbanipal at Nineveh, 7th c
Enkidu (creation, domestication, coming to Uruk)
                    Aruru; the trapper and the prostitute
Slaying of Huwawa(=Humbaba)
Isthtar scorned and the Bull oF Heaven
                    Role of the gods: Shamash and Enlil
Death of Enkidu
Journey to Dilmun
                    Ale-wife Siduri;   ferryman Urshanabi
                    Utnapishtim and the Flood
                    Herb 'Makes-old-men-young'again'
II. Briefly summarizethe following:  
                    'Enkidu and the Netherworld'
                    The Egyptian 'Tale of Two Brothers' (Bata and Anubis)
III.  Explain the Iliad as saga, evolving from historical events:
 historical Trojan Wars ca. 1250
                    'Homeric Poems' ca. 700....formulaic composition....Schliemann and Parry
Identify key terms and summarize the action from the  End of the Iliad  (bk. 16 -24)...
Briseis and Agamemnon
Patroclus and Achilles
Thetis and Peleus
Shield of Achilles
Hector and Andromache
role of gods, esp. Athena
funeral of Patroclus
Priam reclaims the body of Hector
IV. Know the plot, context and characters for the Odyssey, Bk 9 and following:
idealized society of the Phaeacians.
                    king Alkinoos and queen  Arete
The tale within a tale:      Lotus-Eaters
                    Cyclopes ....Polyphemus, son of Poseidon     
                    Wine of Maron and Noman's  Trick 
Circe, daughter of Helios on the island of Aiaia
Summoning the Dead
                                         Elpenor's ghost, mother      Anticleia
Souls of the Heroes:      Agamemenon tells of Clytemnestra and Aigisthos
   Achilles (yearns for  news of son Neoptolemos) 
Prison of the damned      in Tartarus:
                    ....judge Minos Orion,  Tityos, Tantalus, Sisyphus
Final Vengeance (Books 19-24)
role of Telemachus
suitors led  by Antinous and Eurymachus
Odysseus in rags interviews Penelope
minor characters: Eumaios,  Eurycleia
                    Test of the Bow
                                         Punishment for suitors and servants alike
Test of the Bed
                    Peace at last
V. Discussion: Be prepared to offer a brief comparison of the Gilgamesh epic and Odyssey 
on one of the following topics (bring in other parallels as well)
Vision of the Afterlife
Cultural Evolution (Savagery to Paradise)
Lure of the Goddess   (Wiles of Woman)
Plunder of the Sacred