LLT 325                                         

      Quiz 1--Practice


      This is a sample of exercises, indicating how thoroughly to prepare.

You are responsible for all the terms listed on the Guide  (click on Quiz 1)


A. Arrange the following in chronological order:


1] Xerxes defeated at Salamis                         2] Cambyses conquers Egypt

3] Darius defeated at Marathon                       4] Cyrus conquers Croesus


B.  For the following terms match the best identification (a little longer on quiz)


Dionysus____  a) Tyrant at Corinth, son of Cypselus, welcomed Arion wet from his dolphin ride.

Gerousia  _____b)  author of Athenian constitution,  508, made ten tribes out of four and built ‘polis loyalty’

Artabanus___  c) Persian noble who advised Xerxes against war, until he saw the same spirit.

Cleisthenes___   d)  aristocratic council at Sparta

Gyges   _____    e)   just arbiter whom the Medean nobles chose for their king.


Periander ____  f) son of Peisistratus who accompanied the Persians to Marathon  (only to lose his tooth)


Deioces    _____ g) Spartan king deposed as spurious heir to Ariston; he gave Xerxes warning of the Spartan character.

Demaratus _____ h)  ancestor of Croesus, overthrew Candaules in Lydia

Hippias   _____ i) god of rebirth, honored with phallic procession, whom Herodotus identified with (Egyptian) Osiris.



C. For any of the  following, give a brief identification or explanation: 

(You get a choice of 5 out of 7 on quiz; these items are typical)


1) Draw a rough, free-hand map of the world according to Herodotus:

mark approximate location of Miletus (Ionia), Sardis (Lydia), Susa, Athens, Corinth, Sparta.






2) Outline the rise of Darius: you may include the fall of Cambyses and the debate on forms of government

(with at least one argument for each form).






3)   Identify 3  Spartans: Cleomenes, Leonidas,  Lycurgus  (3-4 specs. for each)