LLT 325                                               Guide to Quiz 3:


Chronology-- Be able to put major events and dramas in chronological sequence,

esp. the following:

422         Wasps  (death of Cleon later in the year)

421         Peace of Nicias

415         Conquest of Melos, Sicilian debate, etc.

414         Birds

413         Sicilian Disaster;  Probouloi  at Athens

411           Lysistrata;  1st Oligarchic revolution : the Four Hundred;

410         the Five Thousand

409         Philoctetes             

408/7      Alcibiades returns, with high command, but soon deposed.

406         Athenian victory at Arginusae (but generals condemned to death)

405         Aegospotami: victory of Spartan admiral Lysander (Athenian fleet is crippled)

404         Athens surrenders; 2nd Oligarchic revolution: the Thirty (constitutional committee becomes autocracy)


Be able to ID or match key terms  (matching will also include characters from the dramas, below)







Pisander, Antiphon, Phrynichus

Critias and Thermenes

Thrasybulus at Phyle

(Spartans) Lysander and Pausanias





Be able to summarize Characters and Plot in (at least) 3 of the dramas:


Aristophanes’ Acharnians : Dikaiopolis and the Megarian

Wasps: Procleon and Contracleon

Birds: Makemedo/Peisetairus and /Goodhope/Euelpides, Tereus, et al.

Lysistrata: title-character, Lampito, the Commissioner/Proboulos, and naked Reconciliation


Sophocles' Philoctetes.


Prepare a brief comparison (outline or paragraph) comparing key characters in 2 or 3 plays.