LLT 325   --  Greek Civilization	    Chronology  411-322

[417-413   probable date of Sophocles' Electra] 
413	Sicilian Disaster. Ten Commissioners (probouloi)] Spartans occupy Decelea
412          Chios, Miletus and Mitylene revolt. Treaty of Miletus links Persia and Sparta
411	Rhodes revolts. Aristophanes'  Lysistrata.
    Oligarchic coup at Athens led by Pisander, Antiphon and Phrynichus: the Four Hundred.

411/10      Alcibiades with the army on Samos, victorious at Cyzicus
410	Four Hundred overthrown; interim regime of Five Thousand
	     Trial and execution of Antiphon.
409	Sophocles' Philoctetes.
407	Alcibiades returns, backed by Thrasybulus, special high command.
407/6  	Death of Euripides (in Thrace); posthumous production of Bacchae.
406	Defeat at Notium;  Alcibiades deposed, goes again into exile.
	    Athenian victory at Arginusae; Generals condemned for 'treason.'
405         Defeat of Athens at Aegospotami; Spartans led by Lysander.     Death of Sophocles.

404         Blockade of Athens by Lysander.  Surrender on terms of disarmament and 
	Spartan Hegemony.  Spartan governors and local decarchies in the allied cities
  Thirty Commissioners assume power, led by Critias and Theramenes:  	
		'proscriptions'; execution of Theramenes.
403          Democrats return, led by Thrasyboulus.  Death of Critias at Munychia.
403/2       New Democracy at Athens; 'amnesty' and 'sovereignty of Law'	
401	Xenophon with the Ten Thousand back Cyrus in Persia.
399	Trial and execution of Socrates (for impiety and corruption of the youth).
399-5	Spartan successes  against Persia in Asia Minor.
395-4	Corinthian War:  Athens allied with her old adversary, decisively defeated.
392	(probable date)  Aristophanes'  Congresswomen.
387		King's Peace:  Sparta cedes Greek cities in Asia to Persia.
378/7	Second Athenian Confederacy.
371          Theban victory over Sparta (at Leuctra near Thebes):  Theban Hegemony (to 363)
357-1       Philip II of Macedon seizes Amphipolis, gradually takes possession of Athenian 	
	allies in Thrace.  Demosthenes' Philippics.   Death of Plato (ca. 354).
338	Defeat of Athens and Thebans at Chaeroneia.  Philip asserts hegemony.
336	Death of Philip, accession of Alexander
334-324      Alexander's Eastern Conquests.
323	Death ofAlexander. Revolt of Greece

322  Antipater of Macedon defeats the Greeks at Crannon (in Thessaly). 
At Athens democratic constitution abrogated; Macedonian garrison.  
Deaths of Demosthenes and Aristotle.