LLT 325		Chronology  479 - 431

479	Victories at Plataea and Mycale; Ionians revolt; Athenians seize Sestos

478-6	Athenians rebuild their walls, extend defenses down to Peiraeus

477	Founding of Delian League, for defense against Persia

475-4           Cimon, son of Miltiades conquers Eion and Scyros

472	Aeschylus Persians

471		Exile of Themistocles

470/69	Revolt of Naxos	

465-3		Revolt of Thasos, conquered by Cimon

463                  Trial of Cimon

462/1	 reforms of Ephialtes (Areopagus loses power)

461		ostracism of Cimon

459-8	expedition to Cyprus and Egypt (Memphis captured)

457-6       	Athenians conquer Aegina

454          Defeat of Athenian forces in Egypt; Delian treasury moved to Athens

451		Five-years treaty between Athens and Sparta; Pericles' citizenship law

450-49 	Cleruchs to Euboea and Naxos;  Cimon dies on campaign in Cyprus

449-8 ?           Peace with Persia

447            Periclean building project begun:  Parthenon completed 438
							Sophocles' Ajax  and Trachiniae ?

446/5	Thirty-years treaty between Athens and Sparta

443	Founding of Thurii (S. Italy); ostracism of Thucydides, son of Milesias (not the historian)

440-39	Revolt of Samos and Byzantium, reconquered by Pericles

436	Founding of Amphipolis

435	Corcyra gains a victory over Corinth

433	fearing attack from Corinth, Corcyra allies with Athens; 
	Athens also renews treaties with Leontini and Rhegion (in Sicily)

432	Revolt of Potidaea;   'Megarian decree' (?)
    	Spartan Assembly and Peloponnesian League declare war.

431	Outbreak of the Peloponnesian War