LLT 321     Basic terms for Quiz 2:            Enuma Elish, Greek  Theogony, 
Hittite and other parallels,  Egyptian Creation
1) Outline the Babylonian Creation, leading up to the triumph of Marduk:
Apsu and Tiamat >>Lahmu and Lahamu>>Anshar and Kishar>>Anu>>Ea/Nudimmud
Ea vs. Apsu
                    Ea and Damkina (>>Marduk)
Marduk vs. Tiamat
Making of Man
Jacobsen's Political Model (Anarchy to permanent Monarchy)
2) Outine the main progression in Hesiod's  Theogony.
Chaos >> Gaia (Earth) Eros, Tartaros, (Erebos and Night)
Gaia >> Ouranos (Heaven)  Ourea, and Pontos (Mtns. and Sea)
Titans 12 (know 5 or 6):  Okeanos (Ocean), Hyperion, Themis, Mnemosyne, Iapetus
                    Cronos and Rhea
                    Other offspring of Gaia and Ouranos: Cyclopes and Hundred-handers
                    Castration of Ouranos (and offspring: Aphrodite and Furies)
                    Sons of Iapetus: Atlas, Prometheus and Epimetheus
Offspring of Cronos and Rhea: elder Olympians
                    Poseidon, Hades, Demeter (Hestia) Hera, and Zeus
How does Zeus succeed in overthrowing Cronos? (Titanomachy)
3) Other Eastern Succession Myths: prologue Sumerian Creation
 a) Hittite Kingship in Heaven
Alalu vs. Anu vs. Kumarbi vs. Teshub vs. Ullikummi
                    b) Mesopotamian Theogony of Dunnu  (progeny of Earth and Plow)
4) Challengers to Zeus: struggle for kingship continued 
a) Hesiod Theogony, War of Gods and Giants;  Typhoeus (=Typhon)
Prometheus: trick of sacrifice, theft of fire.
Brides of Zeus: and the Lesson of Metis (>> Athena)
 Titans--Themis (> Fates) , Mnemosyne (>Muses),  Maia, daughter of Atlas  (>Hermes)
Olympians--Demeter  (>Persephone), etc.                      
b) Atrahasis  and Works and Days  ('Ages of Man'  & Pandora)
How does the cycle of Ages in Greek Tradition compare with the tales of Ziusudra and Atrahasis?   
Is there a similar perspective on the relationship of god to men?  
5)  Egyptian  (Heliopolite) Creation 
Nu >> Atum  (and benben)                           
Atum (self-procreating)>> Shu and Tefnut
Geb and Nut >> Seth, Nephthys, Isis and Osiris
Isis and Osiris >>Horus   Osiris and Nepthys >>Anubis
Earth-sky separation represented as Shu parting Geb and Nut
Power struggle/kinconflict represented in clash of Osiris vs. Seth vs. Horus
6)  Egyptian Cataclysm: 
Compare the role of Re  with other vindictive Creators, Zeus and Enlil.