[Consult  VERB CHART as needed]

Conjugate in full  (active or middle as required):  ἄγω  and  ἀφικνέομαι


                           present                 future                   aorist                      imperfect































‘to’ (infin.)





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For the following verb forms, (a) change from present to aorist;

(b) for any 10 change to imperfect.



πάσχουσι                                                  ἔρχεται

δέχεσθαι                                                   λαμβάνει

πορευόμεθα                                             φοβοῦνται

γιγνόμεθα                                               βοηθεῖτε

διαλέγομαι                                              ἡγοῦνται

εὔχεται                                                     παρέχομεν

τιμᾶν                                                         πράττουσι

ποιεῖ                                                          εὑρίσκεις

ἀποθνῄσκω                                             βάλλομεν

παύεται                                                    παύουσι


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Now decline the following phrases (for participles use aorist):


the listening mother                     the speaking child                         true freedom