GRK 102—Verb review cont.                                                Verbs, chh. 6-9


1. Review conjugation of middle verbs (regular and contract)

 ch. 6, pp. 77-8, 86-87; and summary, 152-3.


 Remember contract rules:

                                      ε  +  ο = ου;         ε + ε  = ει.   

                                      α  + o = ω;           α + ε  = α.


 Conjugate in full (present) active or middle:


πείθω                            τιμάω                           ἀφικνέομαι


2.   For the following verb forms, first translate Greek to English and vice versa; then change from singular to plural and vice versa

πείθονται                                                     ἐρχέται

δέχεσθαι                                                      διαλέγομαι 

πορευόμεθα                                                ἀφικνεῖται

φοβοῦνται                                                   ὁρῶμεν        

δέχονται                                                       γιγνόμεθα  

βοηθεῖτε                                                       πορεύεσθαι

ἡγοῦνται                                                      εὔχομαι

παρέχομεν                                                  ὁρᾶν

ἑυρίσκει                                                        κελεύεις

ἀποκρίνεται                                                βάλλομεν

παύεται                                                        παύουσι      

he stops/ceases                                           to fear 

you (all) lead                                               he orders

they obey                                                     we persuade



2)  Review participles present pp. 114-6, 135-7.


Decline in full (sing. & pl.),    


the working mother                                


the poet speaking                                    


the child leading


the city being strong