GRK 102                                                              Noun-adj. review


Study the noun chart and Review the declensions:  

chh. 3-4, (esp. pp. 31-2, 40-2); ch. 7-9 (pp. 97-99, 107-9, 125-6, 145-6).



A)  Review noun-adj. vocabulary in chh. 7-9 and for each of the following give  genitive and dative, sing.  and plural:


the most beautiful goddess                           the long road

the great temple                                                         the marketplace

every citizen                                                               the one name

the good king                                                             the great city



B)  Give nominative and accusative, singular and plural:

the maiden goddess                                                   the wise king

the good poet                                                             every child

hard work                                                                  no man




C)           Translate the following phrases, Greek to English and vice versa, indicating case as "of” (gen.), “to/for" (dat.)s; nom. or acc.:


τὴν γυναῖκα φίλην                                            τῆς  μητρὸς  σώφρονος


τοῖς σώφροσι πατράσι                                        θυγατρί  τινι καλῇ


παῖδα ἕνα ἀνδρεῖον                                            τὸν πολίτην ἀγαθόν


τῷ  θεῷ μεγάλῳ                                                   παντὸς  ἀνδρός


τῆς ὁδοῦ χαλεπῆς                                                the island is long


the wise woman   (acc.)                                        to the strong men


all good fathers  (acc)                                           of the wise poet