Major themes in Gylfaginning 1-34:


Covenant and Contest

[cf. Otter’s Ransom, etc]


Gefjon’s bargain for Seland

Gangleri’s challenge

of Bor & Ymir (covenant or stronger

Frig/Freya marriage alliance?

Njord for Hoenir

Odin’s eye for drink of Mimir

Wisdom hanging on Yggdrasil

[draw rough schema with roots to Midgard (3), Mimir (Norns), Nifleim (Hel); eagle Ratoskar Nidthogg and stags devour

Typical of this sense of im-pending doom like Bab. Erra


Tyr and Fenrir

Odin’s character


Culture hero-Golden Age before Women from Jotunheim

Shaman and Lord of Heroic dead in Valhalla, with Valkyries

Father by Jord of Thor ...  Frig (love?) of Baldr

Lesser characters:

Njord & Skadi (& Nerthus?)

Frey and Freya


Bragi and Idun (poetry and immortal youth)




Hoedir/Hödr blind  (name taboo?) [and Saxo says, Danish king] Notable only as agent of Balder’s death



Continue with these themes for Gylfaginning 38ff: esp.

Siring of Sleipnir

journey to Utgard

Dear of Balder and Ragnarokr