What reasons did Croesus have to attack Cappadocia
		 (and thus provoke the Persians)?
What happened to Croesus at the fall of Sardis? 
Why did Croesus blame Apollo? And what was the god's reply?
Outline the customs of the Lydians (summarized ##93-4) 
Outline the rise of Cyrus:

	What was the achievement of Deioces, founding king of the Medes?

	Briefly recount the tale of Astyages and Mandane: 
		how he came to marry her to a Persian;
 		the birth of Cyrus and his salvation;
		and how Astyages came to acknowledge his grandson.

		What was the punishment of Harpagus?  And his revenge?

Note the distinctive customs of the Persians (131-140). 
What sort of 'national character' is indicated by these practices?
	Remember how Sandanis compared the Persian and Lydian characters (71).
	Cf. customs of the Babylonians  and Massagetae (195-216)