Herodotus 1.1-71 (pp. 1-17)

	What are the causes of conflict between the Greeks and the people of Asia?
			(a) according to the Persians
			(b) in other accounts.

Why is Croesus singled out for his role in the conflict?

How did the ancestors of Croesus seize the kingdom of Lydia from the Heraclids?
			(the tale of Gyges and Candaules' queen

How did this affect the fate of Croesus?

Why does Solon visit Croesus, and what does he try to teach the Lydian king?
			By what examples?

What is the fate of Croesus' son Atys? and what of Adrastus?

How did Croesus decide to put his faith in Apollo's oracle at Delphi?

What warning did Croesus receive from Sandanis? (71)