Now for the Egyptians (2.35 ff.); read also 'Custom and the Egyptians'
                               What are their defining traits and practices?
Note esp. the links between Greece and Egypt, which Herodotus emphasizes
               (despite the disparities).
1)  What did Psammetichus discover about the earliest language? 
And what is the real point of this story?
2)  How did Amasis demonstrate the changeable nature of nobility?
3) What sort of folk were the Ethiopians, and how did Cambyses fare against them?
4)  How was Cambyses' madness revealed? (and the encounter with Apis)
5) Note the famous statement 3.38, 'Custom is king of all'. 
What proof does Herodotus offer?
6) What strange fortune befell Polycrates of Samos, and what did it foretell?
7) How and by whom was the Persian royal family overthrown in Susa, 
while Cambyses was campaigning in Egypt (3.61 ff.)
8) And how did Darius become king?  
What were the essential arguments in favor of each form of government?  (3.80-3). 
[[How Darius was chosen]]