Treasures of Darkness, Ch. 2:


1) What is the significance of the Uruk Vase?


2) The character of Dumuzi varies from region to region. Give a few examples.

......What is his essential character (common to various guises)?


3) Outline the Courtship and Wedding of Dumuzi and Inanna.

.....What does the dressing or adornment of Inanna signify?

.... What is the role of Iddin-Dagan (in the text of that name, pp. 37 ff)?


4) Outline the cycle of stories involving Dumuzi (=Damu) and Inanna (Baba)

.... (a) Dumuzi's Dream

.... (b) Descent of Inanna

.... (c) (Loss and) Return of Damu

Identify the roles of supporting characters: Gestinanna... Duttur.... Ereshkigal