Jacobsen's Epilogue (222-39)

1) Recall Jacobsen's theory of the Divine evolving from life-force to ruler to parent. Here in his final chapter Jacobsen idealizes the dominant metaphor of the 2nd millennium: the divine Parent. Now having read his study to the end, does this evolutionary model seem accurate and reasonable?

2) Outline the 'Epic of Erra'.

...How does this development of the 1st millennium reflect changed culture?

...Identify parallels with earlier tales (Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek).

3) Erra is identified with the netherworld god Nergal. Sketch his ancient realm.

4) Outline the tale of 'Nergal and Ereshkigal'. Again, identify parallels.

5) Return to Dunnum (231ff)..... J. remarks the savagery of 1st millennium myth, treating the ‘trial of Marduk’, butchery of gods and ritual victims as somehow a new, degenerative feature. How so? Or not.