Norse  Myth I (GNME 14-72). Identify the following:
Christian Contamination  (e.g Beowulf  ca. 1000)
Snorri Sturluson and the Edda
                    Trojan origins?  Odin, Frigg, and the Aesir
                    'deluding of Gylfi'
                    Yggdrasill, the spring of Fate, and the Norns
                                         Ymir, Authumla, Buri, Bor-->Odin &bros.
                                                             Men made from...what?
                    Asgard, Valhalla, and the Valkyries
                                         List the major gods who dwelt in Asgard, with their roles.
                                         Tyr and the Wolf Fenrir
                    Thor goes to Utgard (vs. Skrymir, Logi, et al.)
                                         Thor vs. Midgard Serpent
                    Death of Balder (and Loki's doom)
                    Gods vs. Giants: Kvasir's Blood
                    Loki and Otter's ransom
Ch.2  Odin (& Co.): outline chief characteristics
                    cf. Tyr/Tiwaz: What does Tacitus tell us about this ancient god?
                    Valkyries and Berserks