MythNotes                       THE TROJAN WAR                     Powell Chh. 20-21
                               1) House of Atreus
                                                             Tantalus and Pelops
                                                             Oenomaus and Hippodamia at Elis
                                                                                            Pelops wins a kingdom in S. Greece (hence 'Peloponnesus')
                                                                                                           Curse of Myrtilus
                                                             Atreus and Thyestes at Mycenae
                                                                            adultery, treachery, and a golden fleece
                                                                                            Thyestes rapes Pelopia (who then weds Atreus)--> Aegisthus
                                                                            Atreus' elder sons, Agamemnon and Menelaus
                               2) House of Tyndareus
                                                             Tyndareus of Sparta weds Leda (loved by Zeus)
                                                                            --> Castor and Polydeuces (=Dioscuri)
                                                                            -->  Clytemnestra and Helen
                                                             Oath of Tyndareus
                                                                            Agamemnon wed to Clytemnestra 
                                                                            Menelaus and Helen
                               3)           Marriage of Peleus and Thetis  (later bears Achilles)
                                                                            Judgment of Paris  (=Alexander)
                               [4)  Early History of TROY:
                                                             Laomedon and Hesione
                                                             Priam and Hecuba (and their many offspring)]
                               Sacrifice of Iphigeneia at Aulis
                               Wrath of Achilles (against Agamemnon) in the tenth year
                                                             Chryses and Chryseis, and a plague upon the Greeks
                                                             Achilles' prize Briseis taken from him; he withdraws from battle
                                                                            Thetis lobbies Zeus for Trojan victory
Tragedy of Hector:         Andromache and Astyanax 
                                              Patroclus driven to fight in Achilles' armor, slain by Hector
                               Achilles' Fateful Choice
                                              The slaying of Hector
                                                             Priam ransoms the body
                               Major Greek Figures: 
                                              Diomedes  (son of Tydeus)
                                              Ajax the Greater  (son of Telamon)
                                              Neoptolemus (son of Achilles)
                               Gods involved (other than Zeus and Thetis):
                                              Hera, Athena, Poseidon
                                              Aphrodite, Ares
The Fall of Troy
                                                             Death of Achilles: 
                                                                                            Armor awarded to Odysseus; Ajax driven mad
                                                             Fateful incidents: 
                                                                            theft of Palladium
                                                                            coming of Neoptolemus and the bow of Philoctetes
                                                             The Wooden Horse
                                                                            warning of Laocoon and Cassandra
                                                             The Sack of Troy
                                                                            rape of Cassandra
                                                                            sacrifice of Polyxena
                                                                            Execution of Priam and Astyanax
The Conqueror Returns
                               Agamemnon Murdered by Clytemnestra and Aegisthus  
                                              as Cassandra sings
                               Orestes' Revenge and Trial
                                              pursued by Furies, purified by Apollo, 
                                              acquitted on Areopagus with Athena presiding