Odyssey  Book 9: 	Odysseus begins his tale of daring-do (and don'ts)

Plot his adventures after leaving Troy: (identify the following)
	the Lotus-Eaters
	the Cyclopes and Polyphemus--characterize their culture
		Why does Odysseus insist on waiting for the monster to appear?
		And remember, of course, how Odysseus & Co. escape.
			Wine of Maron and Noman's Trick
			Polyphemus's Curse

Book 10: Next stop, the island of Aeolus
		What are his powers? And what is his gift to Odysseus?  And what comes of it?
		vs. Laestrygonians. Remind you of anybody?
	At last to Aiaia, the 'Land' of Circe
		What are her powers? 
		And how does Odysseus escape her spell?
		How is he at last sent on his way, to the "halls of Hades"?

Book 11:  Visit among the Dead.
	Odysseus sails to the far shore of "deep-flowing Ocean" and there encounters the legions of the dead.
		How does he summon them? What is the nature of their existence?
			Identify notable figures and their lessons:
				Elpenor: what is his plea?
	Teiresias: what is the gist of his prophecy to Odysseus?
	Mother Anticleia
	Catalogue of famous women: note esp. Epicaste (271)
	Agamemnon: what is his advice?
	Achilles "Equal to the gods. Now you greatly rule over the dead"
	Ajax, son of Telamon

	Then Odysseus appears to spy in the distance figures from another tale: 
presumably in this earlier version Odysseus actually descended into Hades' realm. Identify:
	Minos		Tityos		Tantalos		
		Sisyphos	phantom of Heracles	

Books 12-14.  Circe warns of dangers (that come true):  	Sirens
	Scylla and Charybdis    		Cattle of the Sun (on Thrinacia)

	(13)	The tale-within-a-tale ends, and Phaeacians equip Odysseus for safe journey home.
	Greetings from Athena