Odyssey  19-24:  Retribution and Recognition

Background: Odysseus has made himself known to his son Telemachos 
and to the loyal swineherd Eumaios. Together they plan vengeance. 
Odysseus returns to his own palace disguised in beggar's rags, 
to be the butt of the suitors' jokes.

Book 19:  Odysseus is interviewed by Penelope. How do they present themselves?
---Who does Odysseus pretend to be and what does he tell of Odysseus' homecoming?
---How does Penelope portray her own character?
---Eurycleia washes the stranger's feet. What does she discover?
---Penelope tells her Dream. How does Odysseus interpret it?
---Penelope announces to him her plan to challenge the suitors. What has inspired her?

Book 21: Let the games begin!
---At Penelope's order, the contest of the bow is arranged. How does that work?
--- How does Odysseus outdo the younger men?

Book 22: Odysseus deals vengeance to the suitors.
---Who pleads for mercy and who is spared?
---How are the servant-women dealt with?

Book 23:  How does Odysseus prove himself to Penelope?

Book 24:  How does peace prevail?