The map below indicates major events in the Pentacontetia, the 50 period between the Persian Wars and the Peloponnesian War (the great war between Athens and Sparta). Early in that period Athens moved to control the Delian League, originally formed as an alliance against the Persians.

Within a decade after the founding of the league one major ally after another revolted and Athens used force to convert those rebellious allies into subject states. In many cases the property of leading citizens was confiscated and taken over by Athenian 'shareholders' or klerouchs.

The following events unfold in chronological order, from the 470s to the 440s: plot these events on the map:

··Cimon (son of Miltiades) seizes Sestos (to secure the frontier against the Persians).

··Cimon captures Eion (just west of Thasos)

··The island of Naxos revolts, is besieged and conquered

··The island of Thasos revolts

··Meanwhile Sparta is faced with revolt of Helots

··Athens moves the League treasury from Delos to Athens

··The big island of Euboea revolts, followed by Samos (both forcibly recovered)