GRADING:  As a rule, traditional grading -- no + or – will be used (most often to your advantage).

Any academic dishonesty will be subject to sanctions proportional to the offense: in-class exercise = 0 (and must count);  Quiz or plagiarism on Essays = F for the course; XF on Final.

See Student Academic Integrity

To make-up missed work or to make special arrangements to take or turn in required work at another time you should have a documented necessity.

Special considerations: We strongly support University policies to accommodate students with disabilities and to prevent or remedy discrimination of any kind. If you have a concern or special need, please advise the instructor. In regard to disabilities, you may also contact Disability Services (836-4192); regarding discrimination, the Equal Opportunity Officer (836-4252).

To request accommodations for disability, students must contact Disability Services (, Plaster Student Union Suite 405, (417) 836-4192; TTY (417) 836-6792. Students must provide documentation of disability to Disability Services prior to receiving accommodations.  The Missouri State statement of nondiscrimination can be found at


 On dropping a class:  If you stop attending this class but do not follow proper procedure for dropping the class, you will receive a failing grade and will also be financially obligated. To drop a class anytime after the first week, you must turn in a drop slip at an authorized registration center (see Missouri State Undergraduate Catalog, or ). You do not need to obtain any signatures on the drop slip.

If a student does not attend in the first two weeks and does not notify the instructor of the need for extended absence, the student may be dropped from the course.


Electronic Devices:

You should turn off your cell phone (or turn ringer off) before class. It's common courtesy.

You will not be allowed to use or consult electronic devices (cell phone, iPod, etc.) during a test or exam. Focus on the work at hand.


Disruption: Any student who disrupts the class or harasses others may be ‘administratively withdrawn’ from the course.


Responsibility for Essays and other work composed or submitted electronically:

Work that is submitted electronically will be acknowledged with a 'receipt' (saying simply 'received') with 24 hours. If you do not receive a receipt, do not assume that the work has been received. Resubmit.

Always back up your work on a second, safe medium (flash drive or disk). If you fail to do this and computer crash or other (all-too-common) disruption occurs, I will not be sympathetic. If the disruption can be documented, I may accept work submitted after a brief delay, but will assign a penalty if you have not been responsible about backing up your work.


In the event of emergency or dangerous incident, we will follow approved exits and procedures,  as discussed the first week.