Before you finish up your Essay look over your work and bear in mind the following editorial marks--these are things I look for (and count off if lacking or ineffective).


(spec) thesis –make a clear statement of what you find/aim to prove

                   in this essay, and how you will proceed.

kp = ‘key passage’, give me some evidence from the text

          (or a reference that really shows your point)

sis = ‘say it simply’,  the reader is lost or unimpressed by

          complicated overblown wording or syntax

syntax  -- put your sentence together in a way that is clear

          and easier for the reader to follow.

gram  --watch your grammar—make sure verbs agree with subjects,

          pronouns agree with antecedents, etc.

ps -- plot summary--not needed (= infodump if no connection to thesis)

ww  = ‘wrong word’

                                       and perhaps most important

CC  =  ‘clear connection’—make the turn of thought more effective;

          be specific about how one sentence/paragraph connects with another.