Ch. 19: ......Why does Sigurd slay Regin?

Ch. 20. The first encounters with Brynhild are puzzling (cf. chh.23-4 below). Evidently the author assumes that his audience is familiar with Brynhild from other saga. In Niebelungenlied she is a princess of Iceland. Here she seems to a valkyrie/shamanka, warrior servant of Odin, sentenced to a death-like sleep for defying his order to marry. Sigurd seems to find her in a sort of never-never land, Hindfell?

What do you make of this first encounter? Compare other epic courtships.


Ch. 21. Learn at least one wise saying of Brynhild.


Chh.23-4. Identify Heimir...Alswid.

Here Brynhild is identified as 'Budli's daughter'; she has miraculously appeared at the court of Heimir. Sigurd woos her again (without any reference to their earlier meeting, ch. 20?). She resists his proposal--why?


Ch. 25. Identify 'the Giukings', Gunnar, Hogni, and Gudrun

Why does Gudrun go to Brynhild? What does she learn?

Note the dream of the "great hart"; what does Brynhild prophecy from it?

Now Sigurd comes to king Giuki; how does queen Grimhild receive him?

What special gift does Sigurd give to his bride Gudrun?


Ch.26-7 (=29 Byock) ......Now Gunnar goes to win Brynhild at Heimir's place. How does he win her?

In Niebelungenlied Gunther=Gunnar is a prince of Rhineland who hears of Brynhild's beauty and power and so decides to sail off to Iceland to woo her. Siegfried/Sigurd is his boon companion. Brynhild seems more taken with Siegfried but, on learning that Gunther is her suitor, demands a test of his worthiness, throwing huge weapons, etc. Luckily Siegfried has a magic cloak that makes him invisible and gives him the power of many men; so he is able to assist Gunther and thus unseen wins the hand of Brynhild for his comrade.

How does the version in Volsunga Saga compare?

Ch. 28 (30 Byock). What causes the quarrel between Gudrun and Brynhild?

Ch. 29 (31). Brynhild quarrels with Gunnar; Why?

Sigurd tries to console her. What comes of that? 

Ch. 30 (32)  Why does Gunnar determine to murder Sigurd?

How is it done?

Ch. 32 (33). Brynhild demands burial rites: describe key features.

Compare other heroic funerals?


For further perspective compare central episodes in Volsunga Saga with Niebelungenlied.