Edwin Carawan (ECarawan@missouristate.edu),

Professor of Classics, Missouri State University                   

Résumé of Recent Work


Forthcoming: “Court Reform, Kleroteria, and Comic Testimony,” CJ 111 (2016) 385-416

>>  “The Anger of Wasps and the Comic Aftermath,” at CAC meeting in Quebec, May 2016.





  The Athenian Amnesty and Reconstructing the Law.  Oxford University Press, Nov. 2013. Notice in the Times Literary Supplement, April 2014.


  The Attic Orators.  Collection of essays for the Oxford Readings  series (OUP) Mar. 2007.  



•   Rhetoric and the Law of Draco. Oxford University Press   Mar. 1998 
[from the dustjacket]    Trials for murder and manslaughter in ancient Athens are preserved  
in a singularly full and revealing record.  The earliest surviving speeches were written for 
such proceedings, and the laws governing such trials—laws that tradition ascribes to Draco 
himself—also survive in large part.These documents bear witness to the birth of the jury trial 
and of democratic rhetoric.  This book offers a systematic interpretation of Draco's law and 
the legal reasoning that grew out of it. The author outlines the historical development (7th to 
4th centuries BCE), and then analyzes the surviving speeches to unravel the underlying issues 
and practical consequences. Reviewed in Classical Review  (1999) vol.49 pp. 456-8; Bryn Mawr Classical Review (2000). 

The range of recent work (since 2000):  (see also Résumé pdf above)


  “Diadikasiai and the Demotionid Problem,” Classical Quarterly 60: 381-400.

  “The Case against Nikomachos,” Transactions of the American Philological Association 140:71-95. Presentations at the APA meeting in Philadelphia (Jan. 2009) and CAMWS in Minneapolis (April 2009).

• “What the Mnemones Know,” in Orality, Literacy, Memory in the Ancient Greek and Roman World, Anne MacKay, ed. (= Orality and Literacy vol  7), Leiden 2008: 163-84, with figure 4.

• “The Trial of the Arginousai Generals and the Dawn of ‘Judicial Review’,” in DIKE for 2007: 19-56     (http://www.ledonline.it/Dike/index.html )

•  “Pericles the Younger and the Citizenship Law,” in The Classical Journal  103.4 (2008) pp. 383-406.     (http://www.classicaljournal.com/abstracts103-4.php


•  "The Athenian Law of Agreement,"  in Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies (2006) 46: 339-74  http://www.duke.edu/web/classics/grbs/FTexts/46/Carawan.pdf


•  "Krateros,"  in Brill's New Jacoby = FGrHist 342 (2007)

• "Amnesty and Accountings for the Thirty," in Classical Quarterly (2006) 56: 57-76.

• “Oral Agreement, Written Contract, and the Bonds of Law at Athens,” in C. Cooper (ed.) The Politics of Orality (Leiden);

presented at the conference on Orality and Literacy in the Ancient World, Winnipeg, July 4-8, 2004.


• “Oath and Contract,”  in A. Sommerstein and J. Fletcher (eds.), Oath in Ancient Greece  (Bristol);

presented at the conference on Oath in Ancient Greece, Nottingham UK, June 30-July 2, 2004


Andocides' Defence and MacDowell's Solution”  in Law, Rhetoric and Comedy in Classical Athens: Essays in Honour of Douglas MacDowell,  D. Cairns and A. Knox edd., London 2004.


• "The Athenian Amnesty and the 'Scrutiny of the Laws'" in Journal of Hellenic Studies [Oxford and London] for 2002:1-23. 


  "What the Laws Have Prejudged: Paragraph_ and Early Issue-Theory', 
in The Orator in Action and Theory in Greece and Rome, ed. Cecil Wooten (Leiden 2001) pp.17-51.


Other conference papers (contributing to work Recent and In progress)


• "Pericles the Younger and the Citizenship Law,"  presented at the American Philological Association (APA) meeting San Diego, Jan . 2007.

• "'What the Mnemones Know' (ML 32)" at conference on Orality and Literacy in the Ancient World, Auckland NZ, July  2006. 

• “Mnemata and Family Identity”, at Classical Association of the Canadian West, Saskatoon SK, Feb. 10-11, 2006.

• “Lysistrata’s Clew and the Proboulos’ Response” at the American Philological Association (APA) meeting San Francisco, Jan . 2004.

 • "Graphe Paranomon  and the Limits of Court Control" at APA meeting, New Orleans, Jan. 2002.


• "The Accountings of the Thirty", at APA meeting, San Diego, Jan. 2001.


• "Reminding and Forgetting: the Athenian Amnesty and the Written Record"  presented at conference, Orality and Literacy in the Ancient World Melbourne Australia, July 2002


• "Andocides' Defence and MacDowell's Solution"  presented at Conference on Athenian Law and Life, in honour of Douglas MacDowell, Glasgow Scotland, June 31, 2001.


Articles and papers (before 2001):
Greek Tragedy
   'The Edict of Oedipus'  in American Journal of Philology  120.(1999) 187-222; 
presentation at the APA meeting in New York, Dec. 1996.
  'Deianira's Guilt' Transactions of the American Philological Assoc. 130 (2000) 189-237; 
presentation at APA meeting in Chicago, Dec. 1997. 
Greek History, Law and Rhetoric
• "The Tale of Thucydides 'the Demagogue' in the Anonymous Life of Thucydides the  Historian,"   
presented at American Philological Assoc. (APA) , Dec. 1990, San Francisco.
            article in Historia. 45 (1996) 405-22.
  "Pronoia, Purpose and Forethought in Athenian Law"
paper presented at the American Philological Assoc. (APA) Colloquium on Greek Law, 
San Diego, Dec. 1995.
• "The Tetralogies  and Athenian Homicide Trials," 
             in The American Journal of Philology  114.2 (1993).
  "Archinus and the Violator of Amnesty: Ath. Pol.  40.2." 
            paper at the APA meeting, Washington DC, Dec. 1993.
  "Tyranny and Outlawry:  Ath. Pol.  16.10"  
 in Nomodeiktes. Greek Studies in Honor of Martin Ostwald  (Michigan UP); 
presentation at APA, Dec. 1991, Chicago
  "Ephetai  and Athenian Courts for Homicide in the Age of the Orators,"Classical Philology  86 (1991) 1-16; 
presented  Classical Assoc. of Mid. West and South (CAMWS), April 1990, Columbia MO.
   "The Trial of Exiled Homicides and the Court at Phreatto"
            Revue Internationale des droits de l'Antiquitè  37 (1990) 47-67.
  "Nepoinei tethnanai — a Response."  presented at conference, Gesellschaft für 
griechische und hellenistische  Rechtsgeschichte, Monterrey CA, Sept. 1990.  
published in Symposion 1990  (Vorträge zur gr. u. hellenist. Rechtsgeschichte) 107-114.
  "'Five Talents Cleon Coughed Up':  schol. Ach  6" 
     Classical Quarterly  40 (1990) 136-147
     presentation at CAMWS, New Orleans, April 1988. 
   "Thucydides and Stesimbrotus On the Exile of Themistocles"
     Historia  38.2 (1989) 144-161
     presentation at  CAMWS, Lexington KY, April. 1989
  "Eisangelia  and Euthyna:  the Trials of Miltiades, Themistocles, and Cimon"    
            Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies   28 (1987) 167-208.  
            presentation, "The 'Accountings' of Cimon: AP   27.1" 
            APA  San Antonio, Dec. 1986, 
   "Apophasis  and Eisangelia:  The Role of the Areopagus in Athenian Political Trials" 
            Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies  26.2 (1985) 115-140.
            presentation,  "Themistocles against the  Areopagus: AP  25.3-4" 
             APA Washington, 1985,
   "Akriton Apokteinai:  Execution without Trial in Fourth-Century Athens"
            Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies  25.3 (1984) 113-123.
            presentation, American Philologial Assoc., Cincinnati, Dec. 1983.      
Roman history
  "Graecia Liberata  and the Role of Flamininus in Livy's Fourth Decade"
    Transactions of the American Philological Association  118 (1988)  209-252. 
     presented APA  New York, Dec. 1987, "The Death of Hannibal: Liv. 39. 51."
  "Cato's Speech Against L. Flamininus: Liv. 39.42-3"  
   The Classical Journal   85 (1990) 316-329.   
    presentation at CAMWS, Boulder, Col., Apr. 1987
  "The Tragic History of Marcellus and Livy's Characterization"               
   The Classical Journal  80.2 ( Jan. 1985) 131-141.
    presentation  at CAMWS, Atlanta, Apr. 1982.
Reviews and Editorial Contributions: 

Review of  E.M. Harris, Rule of Law in Action in Classical Athens, in Classical Review 2014/15 (online First View).

Review of J. Fletcher, Performing Oaths in Classical Greek Drama, in Classical Journal (2013)108: 467-69.

Review of Adriaan Lanni,  Law and Justice in the Courts of Classical Athens (Cambridge 2006),  
in The Classical Journal 103 (2008) 459-61.
Review of Christopher Carey, Trials from Classical Athens  (1997) 
            in Bryn Mawr Classical Review  for 1998.
Review of  Matthew Christ, The Litigious Athenian (1998)
            in American  Journal of Philology
Review of  Michael Gagarin, Antiphon: The Speeches  (1997) 
            in Classical Journal  93 (1998) 450-51.

Review of Alexander Tulin, Dike Phonou. the Right of Prosecution and Attic Homicide Procedure (1996):  in Journal of Hellenic Studies 1998.


Review of  S. C. Todd, The Shape of Athenian Law   (1993):
            in American Journal of Philology  for 1995.
Review of  Robert W. Wallace, The Areopagos Council to 307 B.C.  (1989): 
            in The American Journal of Philology 111 (1990) 410-414.
Review of  Cynthia Farrar,  The Origins of Democratic Thinking, 
the Invention of Politics in Classical Athens  (1988): in Ancient Philosophy  10.2 (1990) 276-279.
Editorial Work
Consultant for the Appendix of Latin Maxims in Black's Law Dictionary  
7th edn and 10th edn, Bryan Garner, editor. 


Contributing editor for Brill’s New Jacoby  (revised version in English of Jacoby’s monumental collection of fragmentary Greek historians), Ian Worthington, editor in chief.