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2017 Pummill Relays programming problem!

Please contact Ken Vollmar, 417-836-5789 KenVollmar@missouristate.edu for questions or comments


This Pummill Relays Problem is to count the number of rings of two bells within a given time span.


Please note: entries are to be emailed prior to 8:00am Monday Apr. 10, 2017 (the Monday prior to the Wednesday Pummill Relay competition). No entries can be accepted after that time.


2017 Problem description and rules         

(updated Fri. 3/3/17 6:37pm:  another Part 1 solved example and corrected formulas for Part 3)


Provided test input data for Part 2, BellDataA.txt         

Provided test input data for Part 3, BellDataB.txt