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2018 Pummill Relays programming problem!

Please contact Ken Vollmar, 417-836-5789 KenVollmar@missouristate.edu for questions or comments


This Pummill Relays Problem is to find a Minimum Spanning Tree.

This Pummill Relays Problem is provided in three parts of increasing level of challenge, and scoring will be based on the number of parts completed. You need not complete all three parts to enter and score. All teams are encouraged to consider this problem and solve as many parts as possible.


Please note: entries are to be emailed prior to 8:00am Monday Apr. 9, 2018 (the Monday prior to the Wednesday Pummill Relay competition). No entries can be accepted after that time.


2018 Problem description and rules         

Provided example for Part 1, ProvidedPart1Example.xlsx         

Provided problem data for Part 1, Part1Problem--TwoTabs.xlsx         

Provided test data for Part 2, TestMST.txt