From: Reuven Bik
Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2006 11:40 AM
To: Vollmar, Kenneth R
Subject: The Vollmar song


Hi Ken,


My name is Reuven , I live in Israel and I made "The Vollmar song".


Today while googling for my name I came up with your home page and saw my song mentioned.

It was very funny to find this piece of ancient history. I was laughing like crazy and I especially enjoyed the censored version.


You might be interested in the story behind this song :


Back at 1998 I was a soldier in the Israeli air force. I was maintaining a software system which had some code written by you. I believe that you wrote that code years before that and your name appeared as the original creator of some files.


Me and the other guys on my team , began to come up with funny stories about who this Vollmar person must be. And so , being a programmer by day - basement musician/rapper by night , I wrote this song as a joke for my teammates. I also published it on my homepage.


Well, I don't think that it had much exposure on my site. I guess that it has a much wider audience on your homepage.


Again, I was extremely happy to see that my song exists somewhere on the web , a long time after I forgot about it. It just comes to show that stuff you put on the Internet is like Styrofoam - it will take it forever to disappear.


Regards , Reuven