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Coursework Opportunity

The Weaubleau structure and its proximity to Springfield provides a great opportunity for students who want to participate in directed field and laboratory studies. In 2004, students in GLG 351 Photogeology have participated in field mapping exercises in part of the structure. Other undergraduates have been involved with x-ray diffractometer analyses of mineral separates. Two students have worked on impact-related cartographic projects. Others have worked in combined field and laboratory studies of the "Weaubleau Breccia." As part of a class project in remote sensing and imaging, graduate and undergraduate students are engaged in the development of a GIS of the area. Meteorite impacts are exciting projects to be involved with, so if you have such an interest, it may be possible to craft a project that meets your educational needs.

Current Courses

GLG 171 (F,S) Environmental Geology

GLG 360 (S) Directed Field Trips, conducted during Spring Breaks

GLG 412 Field Geology of the Mid-Continent Region, Summer intersession 2008

GRY 240 (F) Earth Science for Teachers

SCI 214 (F) Teaching Science in the 21st Century Classroom

Miscellaneous field trip excursions in and around Missouri; the Missouri State University Geology Faculty strongly encourages participation in field trips because of their capacity to help shape the careers of future geologists and Earth Science educators.

Other Courses Taught

GLG 110 Introductory Geology Lab

GRY 100 Global Issues: Geographic Perspectives

GRY 470 Field Study in Geography-Geography of the Canadian Rockies, Fall Intersession 2006

PED 135 Combat Pistol Marksmanship

SCI 414 (F) Teaching of Secondary School
Natural Science

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image of geology 360 field trip

2004 Spring Break field trip

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image of reef chief a sailing vessel out of key west florida

During Spring Break 2005, GLG 360, a directed field trip examined the modern carbonate
sediments of Florida Bay and the Keys, as well as Pleistocene carbonates of the Ever-
glades. One of our snorkeling dives was on West Samba Reef from the
Reef Chief of Key West.