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Kevin R. Evans, Ph.D.
Professor of Geology

Ph.D., 1997, The University of Kansas
M.S., 1989, The University of Kansas
B.S., 1986, Missouri State University

Department of Geography, Geology, & Planning
Missouri State University
901 S. National Ave.
Springfield, Missouri 65897
Office: 369-A Temple Hall
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Lab: 355 Temple Hall
Lab Telephone: (417) 836-3231
Fax: (417) 836-6006
Email: kevinevans@missouristate.edu



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  F O U R   N O B L E   T R U T H S  O F    G E O L O G Y

(...with apologies to His Holiness the Dalai Lama)

  1. The Earth is dynamic.

  2. The Earth is very old.

  3. Life has evolved on Earth.

  4. Humans exist in a perilous geological environment.

A few years ago, half a dozen books got soaked from watering plants on my bookshelf. Spreading the books out to dry, I noticed my copy of the "The Four Noble Truths" was damp. I'm not a Buddhist (not a practicing one anyway), but it struck me that if truths are transcendant, are there truths we recognize in geology?

Scientists commonly express the most highly probable relationships as laws or principles, but there must be truths as well. I have seen these ideas mentioned in other terms, but these seem succinct and relevant.