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Mapping and Imagery

GISDataDepot for free digital elevation model (DEM) data of the United States, sorted by state and county

MacDEM (shareware) for generating DEMs on the Macintosh platform

Missouri Spatial Data Service (MSDIS) for digital raster graphic (DRG) files of USGS 7.5' quadrangles and digital orthophoto quadrangle (DOQ) files of Missouri

National Atlas by the USGS for making online maps

Seamless by the USGS for their distribution of NASA Shuttle Radar Topography Model (SRTM) data

US Library of Congress for their historic and recent maps available online in MrSID format

Perry-Castañeda Map Library at the University of Texas, Austin, for downloadable maps from around the world

NASA Earth Observatory for science and imagery of the Earth's surface

NASA Visible Earth for images of Earth from space

NASA Earth Science Application Directorate for LandSat imagery in MrSID format

Persistence of Vision (POV-Ray) for ray tracing three-dimensional oblique views of DEM imagery for Mac OSX platform

General Geology

US Geological Survey

Missouri Geological Survey

Earthweek: A Diary of the Planet for coverage of geologic, meteorologic, and environmental events weekly

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Ancient Meteorite Impacts

Earth Impact Database at the University of New Brunswick's Planetary and Space Science Centre for imagery and references related to terrestrial impacts

Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) for their leadership in impact studies, sponsorship of impact-related meetings, posting of online literature, and impact cratering slide sets of various impact structures on Earth and Mars

Global Impact Studies Project (GISP) of the University of Alaska for their impact cratering primer

Impact Field Studies Group (IFGS) for developing cooperative impact studies working groups

Lunar and Planetary Lab, University of Arizona for their informative web site

The Chesapeake Meteorite: Message from the Past for information on USGS studies of this 35 million year old impact

Ries Crater Museum and ZERIN, Nördlingen, Germany and Steinheim Basin (in German) web site for information supplemental to my Ries and Steinheim craters field trip

Lunar and Planetary Laboratory for Melosh and Beyer's impact calculators for projectile diameter and impact effects

Tunguska from the University of Bologna provides some of the best new information on the 1908 fireball and explosion

Ernston and Claudin's Studies of reported impacts in Spain for their spectacular imagery of shock features from many localities

Impacts on the African Continent for, well, images

Future Meteorite Impacts

NASA Near Earth Objects (NEO) Program for keeping up to date with potential meteorite impact threats

NASA Asteroid and Comet Impact Hazards for keeping in touch with the risks of impacts

Australia Spaceguard Survey for information relating tsunamis with meteorite impacts


NASA Destination Earth for teaching Earth Science

Apple Higher Education for examples of portfolio development and other educational applications

International Geoscience Education Organisation for their additional web resources

American Petroleum Institute's Adventures in Energy interactive educational web site for its treatment of petroleum resource exploration and production

MISSOURISTATE Professional Educaiton Unit (PEU) for providing step-by-step instructions for education students as they prepare ePortfolios


CIA World Factbook for learning about the nations of the world

Lonely Planet for learning even more about the nations of the world


Geocaching for recreational activities that take you places you wouldn't even know about otherwise

Kayaking for peace of mind and picking up river/lake trash

Mini Cooper automobiles for the joy of motoring

Jeep for the joy of going where you couldn't go otherwise


Apple Computers, especially the Dual 2 GHz PowerPC G5, for placing the power of a supercomputer in the hands of common folk

Mark Harden's Artchive for great works of art that you can put on your MacOSX desktop

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