Central States Anthropological Society 2009 conference
Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, April 2-5, 2009



12:30-4:30  Registration [4th floor lobby]

1:30-3:30  (1-1) (Re-)Appropriating Artifacts  [405]
Chair:  Jacquelyn Lewis-Harris (University of Missouri-St. Louis)
1.  Jonathan Reyman (Illinois State Museum), Avoiding Spiritual Danger: the Illinois State Museum and Kohanim Project
2.  Denene De Quintal (University of Chicago), Native American Museums in Southern New England and Authenticity
3.  Jacquelyn Lewis-Harris (University of Missouri-St. Louis), Navigating Cook's Return: negotiating the presentation of early Hawaiian and Pacific artifacts
4.  Mackenzie Lyet (Knox College), The Maasai Interpretations of the Laetoli Footprints and the Effects of Future Tourism Development in Laetoli, Tanzania
5.  Ceara Horsley (Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville), Patrimony and Paternalism? A Quantitative Analysis of NAGPRA Notices of Intent to Repatriate

1:30-3:30  (1-2) Frontiers of Ethnographic Research [406]
Chair:  Alan Sandstrom (Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne)
1.  Lisa Bintrim (University of Wisconsin-Madison), We’re from the West, and We’re Here to Help:  Discourse in Volunteer Narratives
2.  Alan Sandstrom and Pamela Effrein Sandstrom  (Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne), Commitment and Ethnographic Research:  The Work of Fieldwork among the Huastecan Nahua in Mexico
3.  Terri Ann Liller (Wayne State Unviersity), Hidden from View: Locating Aging Lesbians--Methodological Considerations
4.  Derek Brereton (Adrian College), Campsteading and the Domestic Frontier: Rusticating New Hampshire

1:30-3:30  (1-3) The Presence of the Absent:  Prints of Human Bodies and Minds, Part I [404]
Organizers:  Katja Pettinen and Myrdene Anderson (Purdue University)
Chair:  Phyllis Passariello (Centre College)
1.  Myrdene Anderson (Purdue University), Making Sense of Senseprints
2.  Katja Pettinen (Purdue University), Practices of Thinking and Feeling
3.  Natasha Semchynska-Uhl (Purdue University), Perspectives of Absence: Suggestive  Representations of Virtual Presence
4.  Angela Ghionea (Purdue University), The Role of Human Prints and Divine Traces in Persuasive Rituals
5.  Sugata Bhattacharya (independent scholar), discussant

1:30-4:00  (1-4) Cross-examining Evidence: Anthropological and Historical Perspectives [407]
Organizer and chair:  Melinda Bernardo (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
1.  Lauren Anaya (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Where’s the “Proof”?:  The Absence of "Evidence" as a Theoretical Construct in Legal Anthropology
2.  Wendy Marie Finley (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), When Evidence Isn't Enough
3.  Monica Santos (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Examining Evidence in The Anthropology of Performing Arts
4.  Nilda Vargas (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Evidence of Human Rights Violations in Colombia
5.  Melinda Bernardo (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Who's a Jew? Standards of Evidence and The Jewish Agency for Israel?
6.  Jen Baldwin (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), The Evidence of Trauma: Substantiating a Theory of Personhood, Citizenship, and War-acquired Disability
7.  Brigittine French (Grinnell College), discussant


3:45-5:45  (1-5)  Community Engagement and Collaboration in Anthropological Fieldwork  [405]
Organizer and chair:  Bill Wedenoja (Missouri State University)
1.  Bill Wedenoja (Missouri State University), Applying Anthropology (with the Help of Students) in a Jamaican Community
2.  Erin Kenny (Drury University), International Service-Learning: A Thoroughly Gendered Case Study from Jamaica
3.  Heidi Savery (Binghamton University), The Management and Marketing of Jamaica’s Past: Community Archaeology and Heritage Tourism
4.  Elizabeth Sobel and Christopher Cotter (Missouri State University), Working with the Chinook Nation: A Collaborative Study of the Role of Long Island, WA, in Chinookan Identity and Culture
5.  Kathryn Fay (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), Collaborative Community and Boundary Dissolution in Cyber Space

3:45-5:45  (1-6)  Institutions: Rights, Rituals, Regulations and Responsibilities  [406]
Organizer:  Nobuko Adachi (Illinois State University)
Chair:  James Stanlaw (Illinois State University)
1.  Amy Stringwell (Illinois State University), The Effects of Budget Cuts on Illinois Museums and Historic Sites
2.  Katie Szymanski (Illinois State University),  Certified Organic: An Anthropological Study of the Organic Movement in Central Illinois
3.  Janet Eads (Illinois State University), An Anthropological Perspective on Great Ape Captivity and Biomedical Research
4.  Nobuko Adachi (Illinois State University), discussant

3:45-6:00  (1-7)  The Presence of the Absent:  Prints of Human Bodies and Minds, Part II [404]
Organizers:  Katja Pettinen and Myrdene Anderson (Purdue University)
Chair:  Sherril Miller (Purdue University)
1.  Phyllis Passariello (Centre College), Our ‘Other’ Ourselves: Corpses and Alloanimals
2.  Stacey Enslow (Purdue University), Turtle Mound: A Creation of Place and Memory
3.  Pauline Spiegel (Indiana University), Discovering the State in the Footsteps of Opposition: Participation and De-Legitimation in a Controversy over a New Interstate Highway
4.  Myrdene Anderson (Purdue University) and Devika Chawla (Ohio University), Paths not Taken, Cascades Aborted, and the Residual Life
5.  Amber Clifford-Napoleone (University of Central Missouri), discussant
6.  Sugata Bhattacharya (independent scholar), discussant

4:15-6:00   (1-8)  The Far-Reaching State  [407]
Chair:  Matti Bunzl (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
1.  Michael Ryan (Binghamton University), From Pueblo Street Fighting to Martial Art
2.  Jack Thornburg (Benedictine  University), Market-led Development Versus Basic Needs and the Public Good:  The Role of Common Property in St. Lucia
3.  Katherine Wiley (Indiana University), Transitioning from Slavery to Citizenship:  Negotiating Civil, Political, and Social  Rights in Mauritania
4.  Meghan Sarah Harrison (Southern Illinois University, Carbondale), Seeing the light in CSI: Co-construction in Law, Science, and Society

5:00-7:00  CSAS Board meeting [403]


7:00-9:00  (1-9)  Anthropological Publishing:  Roundtable with Major Journal Editors (Past and Present) in Anthropology  [407]
Organizer:  Virginia Dominguez (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Chair/Moderator:  Janet Dixon-Keller (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
1.  Janet Dixon-Keller (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), current Editor of Ethos and Editor of the  American Anthropologist in the 1990s
2.  Virginia R. Dominguez (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), immediate past Editor of American Ethnologist
3.  Helaine Silverman (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), current Editor, Latin American Archaeology
4.  Norman Whitten (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Editor of American Ethnologist, 1979-1984
5.  Helena Wulff (University of Stockholm), current Co-Editor, Social Anthropology



7:30-4:30  Registration [4th floor lobby]

8:00-6:00  James McLeod Memorial Reprint Table [409]  Drop off or pick up article reprints, handouts from sessions, and flyers about programs.

8:00-6:00  Publishers' exhibit [409]

8:00-10:00  (2-1) Artistic Engagements  [406]
Chair:  Julie Fairbanks (The University of Akron)
1.  Nina Corazzo (Valparaiso University), Public Eyesores:  Displacements by Tadashi Kawamata
2.  Mary Benedetto (The University of Akron), Como Caracoles:  Barcelona Street Artists Leave Their Trail
3.  Lauren Miller (Indiana University), Volunteerism and Capoeira
4.  Julie Fairbanks (The University of Akron), Public, Social, Civic?  Artistic Engagements in the Northwest Caucasus
5.  Gaelyn Aguilar (The University of Akron), Maravatío Resounding

8:00-10:00  (2-2)  Performing the Political,  Part I  [404]
Organizers:  Angela Glaros and William Hope (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Chair:  William Hope (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
1.  Natasha Kipp (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), "Listen to Us, Europe!" Eurasia and the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest
2.  Angela Glaros (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Turning the Song, Turning the Tables: Performing a Politics of Community in Skyros, Greece
3.  Lance Larkin (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), The Politics of the Burning Man Arts Festival: The Art of Performing a Gift Economy
4.  Liu, Tzu-Kai (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Encountering Political Authority and Encompassing Chinese State Power: Cultural Expressions of Respect and “Nested” Social Hierarchy among Wa Buddhists on the China/Myanmar Borderlands
5.  David McDonald (University of Indiana), discussant

8:00-10:30  (2-3)  “We Have Been Here”:  First Nations and Scientific Investigations  [407]
Organizer and chair:  Alice B. Kehoe (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
1.  Alice B. Kehoe (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Introduction
2.  Ripan S. Malhi (University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign), Genetic and Cultural Identities
3.  Barbara Crass (University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh), Swan Point, Alaska –14,000 Years of Occupations
4.  Alice B. Kehoe  (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), “We Have Been Here for 10,000 Years”:  Issues Over First Nations’ Prehistories
5.  Stephanie de Montigny (University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh), Mark Raymond Harrington and John Reed Swanton: Defining Indianness and Representing Gender in the Southeastern United States
6.  Jonathan E. Reyman (Illinois State Museum), Pueblo Oral Histories and The Feather Distribution Project

8:00-10:30  (2-4)  Representing the Diversity of Muslim Societies at Home and Abroad  [405]
Organizer and chair:  Jens Kreinath (Wichita State University)
1.  Jami Beach (Wichita State University), Community Mosques: A Glimpse into a Midwestern Islamic Society
2.  Teresa Click (Wichita State University), From Behind the Veil: Negotiating Images in a Midwestern Town
3.  Kristen Waymire (Wichita State University), The Dynamics of Gender Ideology of Hamas
4.  Bilal Kenasari (Wichita State University), Social Tension and Fear in Turkey: Sample of Imam Hatip Schools
5.  Jens Kreinath (Wichita State University), Veiled Politics: How Women’s Veiling Challenge Turkish Secularism
6.  Andrew Flachs (Oberlin College), The Capabilities Approach;  Navigating Cultural Politics in Human Rights Discourse


10:15-12:15  (2-5)  Social Network Analysis in Anthropological Studies: Breaking Ground  [406]
Organizer and chair:  Willie L. McKether  (The University of Toledo)
1.  Willie McKether (The University of Toledo), The Mechanics and Uses of Social Network Analysis"
2.  Kay Shelton (Northern Illinois University), Social Networking in Facebook: Sharing Comfort and Thoughts Following Tragedy
3.  Melony Stambaugh (Northern Kentucky University), Connecting the Dots: Interlocks Creating Networks in Social Services
4.  Margaret Buckner (Missouri State University), Social Networking Analysis and HIV Epidemiology in West Africa
5.  Willie McKether (The University of Toledo), From Narrative to Social Network Data: A Conversion Process

10:15-12:15  (2-6)  Performing the Political, Part II  [404]
Organizers:  Angela Glaros and William Hope (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Chair:  Angela Glaros (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
1.  Brian Montes (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), "Un Pueblo en Marcha": Performance and Protest among Maya Speakers of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Quintana Roo, Mexico
2.  Kate Grim-Feinberg (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), From the Mountaintop to the Town Square: Rituals and Staged Performances of Cow Branding in a Peruvian Agricultural Community
3.  Bjorn Westgard (Hennepin County Medical Center), Spectacular Healing: Performing Ethnic Politics through Traditional Medicine in Senegal
4.  Junjie Chen (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Performing the Family Planning Project of the New Millennium in Post-Socialist China: State Productions, Village Perceptions
5.  William Hope (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), discussant

10:45-12:30  (2-7) Teaching Anthropology in Military Education  [405]
Organizer and chair:  Robert Sands (US Air Force Culture and Language Center)
1.  Clementine Fujimura (US Naval Academy), On Being Motivated and Other Challenges for Teaching Culture in a Military Academy
2.  Laurie Rush (US Army), Archaeologists Working with the Military
3.  Robert Sands (US Air Force Culture and Language Center), Introduction to Culture, an Air Force Perspective
4.  Brian Selmeski (US Air Force Culture and Language Center), Into the Wild Cross-Cultural Yonder: Anthropology and the Transformation of Air Force Professional Education

10:45-12:30  (2-8)  Recent History Reconsidered   [407]
Chair:  Donald Holly (Eastern Illinois University)
1.  Thomas Johnson and Helen Johnson (University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point), The Marker Tree Controversy at Powers Bluff, Wisconsin
2.  Kevin Courtwright (University of Central Missouri), The Legacy of Roosevelt's Tree Army
3.  Donald Holly (Eastern Illinois University), Unearthing Halloween
4.  Douglas Midgett (University of Iowa), Mann Gulch: Ethnology, Reconstructed History, Oral Sources, Inference

---- (LUNCH BREAK) ----

1:30-3:30  (2-9)  Discourse, Rhetoric, and Poetics  [405]
Chair: Bill Guinee (Westminster College)
1.  Bill Guinee (Westminster College),  A New Methodology for Narrative Sequence Analysis
2.  Kalimara Otto-Gentry (Grinnell College), "Have You Seen Her?": Gendered Discourse and Agency in WNBA Game Commentary
3.  Nicholas Timmons (Kansas State University),  Afaan Oromoo Proverbs:  Patterns Creating Worldview
4.  Steven Maas (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign),  Rhetorics of Practice in Bilingual Classrooms in Wales
5.  Sherril Miller (Purdue University), Transformative Instructional Communication

1:30- 4:00  (2-10)  Medicine, Disease, and Culture  [406]
Chair:  David Perusek (Kent State University Ashtabula)
1.  Agnes Loeffler (University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health), Microscopy and the Quest for Diagnostic Certainty:  Disease Classification in Surgical Pathology
2.  Rupal Satra and Crystal L. Patil (University of Illinois at Chicago), The Space Around Sickle Cell Disease
3.  Daniel Schneider and Crystal L. Patil (University of Illinois at Chicago), Born with It:  Photographic Images of Life with Sickle Cell Disease
4.  Costadina Aneziris and Crystal L. Patil (University of Illinois at Chicago), Experiences of Living with Sickle Cell Disease and Treating Pain
5.  Michael Todd Gross (Western Michigan University), Obstetric Fistula:  An Evolutionary and Biocultural View
6.  David Perusek (Kent State University Ashtabula), Cancer, Culture, and Consciousness

1:30-4:00  (2-11)  Roundtable:  International Anthropology of the U.S.:  The Elephant in the Room?  [407]
Organizers:  Virginia R. Dominguez and Jane Desmond (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Chair:  Jane C. Desmond (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
1.  Helena Wulff (University of Stockholm, Sweden), American Ballet Theatre and the World. 
2.  Jasmin Habib (University of Waterloo, Canada), Diaspora Dissidents: U.S. Jewish Activism and the Israel/Palestinian Conflict 
3.  Dieter Haller  (Ruhr Universitat Bochum University, Germany), European Legacies vis-à-vis ‘Mainstream’ American Cultures and New Possibilities
4.  Moshe Shokeid  (Tel Aviv University, Israel), Choosing Fieldsites in the U.S.:  The Pros and Cons of Studying the Familiar and the Near-Familiar
5.  Ulf Hannerz  (University of Stockholm, Sweden), The Soft Power of American Culture
6.  Keiko Ikeda (Doshisha University, Japan), ‘Americanization’ and ‘Japanization’:  Are These Parallel Discourses, Counter-Discourses, Visions, Practices, or Fears on the Two Sides of the Pacific?

1:30-4:30  (2-12)  Museums and Social (In)Justice  [404]
Organizer and chair:  Joel Zovar (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
1.  Rebecca Chan (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), From Pre-Contact to Present: Graffiti Mitigation at Bandelier National Monument
2.  Linda Giles (Illinois Wesleyan University) and Monica Udvardy (University of Kentucky, Doing the Right Thing: Museums, Mijikenda Ancestor Statues, and Repatriation--A Case Study
3.  Jim Johnson (University of Pittsburgh), Archaeology and the Social Prison: Transnational subjects and the governance of knowledge
4.  Anna Musun-Miller (IUPUI Museum Studies), Red Speech Bubble: Comics and Disenfranchised Voices in the Museum
5.  Catherine Page (IUPUI Museum Studies), Trustees of the Sacred: Protecting, Maintaining, and Interpreting Sacred Sites
6.  Joel Zovar (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Collas, Colonials, and Lacunae: Representations of Indigenous Political Agency in Bolivian Museums
7.  Helaine Silverman (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), discussant
8.  Larry Zimmerman (Indiana University-Purdue University), discussant


4:00-6:00  (2-13)  (Im-)Migration, Identity, and Health  [405]
Chair:  Margaret Buckner (Missouri State University)
1.  Joseph Weiss (University of Chicago), Rural Migrations and Pan-Native Selves:  Native Rural-Urban Migration and Identity in Vancouver, B.C.
2.  Laura Blum-Smith (Oberlin College), Nations and Immigrants:  Immigration in American and Canadian National Identities
3.  Leslie Cofie (Case Western Reserve University), The Health Phenomenon of Black Immigrants in the US
4.  Sarah Baird (Centre College), From Mineshaft to Mountaintop: Exploring Appalachian Folk Medicine
5.  Jason Shepard (Missouri State University), Towards a Typology of (Im-)Migrants in the US

4:15-5:45  (2-14)  Anthropology in Agriculture:  Gender, Ecology, and Home Gardens [403]
Chair:  Brigittine French (Grinnell College)
1.  Andrea Rissing (Grinnell College), Women Farmers and Feminism:  Gender's Impact on Alternative Farming Methods
2.  Joseph O’Neal (St. Edward’s University), Back to the Future:  Saving the World One (Garden) Plot at a Time
3.  Stephen Zolvinski (Miami University), Where’s the rice?  An exploratory investigation of Northern Thai homegardens

4:15-6:00  (2-15)  (Re-)Interpretations of Old World Prehistory  [406]
Chair:  Norm Whitten (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
1.  Heather Stanislowski (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee), The Beauty of Bog Bodies
2.  Ehren Lichtenwalter (Andrews University), In the Middle of Nowhere and at the Crossroads of Everywhere:  Abatement and Change at Tall Hisban, 332-63 BCE
3.  Tabitha Kukes (University of Northern Iowa), Early Burial Chambers in English Churches: Transition in the cultural meaning of prestige
4.  Brian Mrozek (Loyola University), The Ogham Script.

4:15-6:00  (2-16)  Creative Writing for Anthropologists:  An Interactive Workshop  [407]
Co-organizers and co-chairs:  Alma Gottlieb (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign/Anthropology) and Philip Graham (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign/Creative Writing-English)

4:45-6:00  (2-17)  Transforming Ritual  [404]
Chair:  Cindy Hull (Grand Valley State University)
1.  Meredith Johnson (Indiana University) Embodied Revitalization: Dance, Performance, and Cultural Revitalization in the Chickasaw Nation
2.  Robin Konscak (College of Wooster), Modernity, Tradition, and Rights: A conflict of the ages as viewed through Xhosa ritual circumcision
3.  Katerina Friesen (Wheaton College), Prayer and Feasting: Ritual Modification and Transformation among the Kalanguya-Ikalahan

---- (DINNER BREAK) ----

7:30   (2-18)  Distinguished Lecture:  Virginia Dominguez (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), The Work It Takes

9:00-10:00     Dessert reception and no-host bar



7:30-4:o0  Registration [4th floor lobby]

8:00-6:00  James McLeod Memorial Reprint Table [409]  Drop off or pick up article reprints, handouts from sessions, and flyers about programs.

8:00-6:00  Publishers' exhibit [409]

8:00-10:00  (3-1)  Religious Dynamism in the Modern World  [404]
Chair:  Theo Randall (Indiana University South Bend)
1.  Claude Jacobs (University of Michigan-Dearborn), Race, Religion, and Rhetoric:  The Language Community that Prophet Jones Built in Detroit
2.  Joe Fishburn (College of Wooster), Religious Dimension of the Alien Contact Experience
3.  Theo Randall (Indiana University South Bend), Religious Dynamism among the Lelna of Northwestern Nigeria
4.  William Eastwood (Indiana University), Toward a New Belonging:  Georgian Baptist Negotiations of Orthodox Power
5.  Xiao-bo Yuan (University of Chicago), Miracles in the Everyday:  Narratives of Crisis and Intervention in post-Katrina Mississippi

8:00-10:00  (3-2)  Exploring Sub-cultures  [406]
Chair:  Amber Clifford-Napoleone (University of Central Missouri)
1.  Duane Kahler (University of Central Missouri), The Straight Edge
2.  Shana Fruehan Sandberg (University of Chicago), The Five Stages of Romance: The Emergence of a Dating Culture Among Young Adults in Japan
3.  Yuen-ki Lai (Purdue Univrsity), Masculine Lesbians in Hong Kong: Negotiation between Tomboys and Tomboys' Girls
4.  Aubrey Thamann (Purdue University), An Interdisciplinary Ethnographic Study of Funeral Directors in Indiana
5.  Amber Clifford-Napoleone (University of Central Missouri), Crossing the Disciplinary Line: Anthropology, Cultural Studies, and the Study of "Jazz"

8:00-10:30  (3-3)  Re-imagining Gozo:  Globalization, Identity, and Material Culture in Gozo, Malta  [405]
Organizer and chair:  Bryce Peake (Brandeis University)
1.  Amy Kordeck (Indiana Northwest), Shopping Traditional Gozo
2.  Jessica Gergely (University of Lethbridge), Performing Gozitan Festivals: Authenticity and the Effects of Tourism
3.  Greta Kilewer (Kansas State University), Maltese Bread: A Changing Symbol of the Island’s Culture
4.  Bryce Peake (Brandeis University), Aurally Negotiating Global Identity in Gozo: Tourism, Soundscapes, and the Maltese Identity Battle
5.  Jessica Hopper (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Navigating the Space of Language: Authorized Language and Symbolic Power in Gozo
6.  Bryce Peake (Brandeis University), discussant

8:00-10:30  (3-4)  Roundtable:  The Promise and Practice of Campus-Based Student Ethnographic Research:  The Ethnography of the University Initiative  [407]
Organizer and chair:  Timothy Reese Cain (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
1.  Timothy Reese Cain (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
2.  Gina Hunter (Illinois State University at Urbana-Champaign)
3.  HyunHee Kim (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
4.  Soo Ah Kwon (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
5.  Ellen Moodie (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
6.  Teresa Ramos (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
7.  Jason C. Romero (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

9:00-12:00  (3-5)  Spurlock Museum:  Talk and Tour  [403]
1.  Wayne Pitard (Director, Spurlock Museum), The Spurlock Museum: History and Challenges of a University Ethnographic Museum
2.  Tour of the Spurlock Museum (a 15-minute walk from the Illini Union)


10:15-12-15  (3-6)  Women  and Religious Resistance  [404]
Chair:  Andrew Orta (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
1.  Andrea Abrams (Centre College), Holy Gender Politics:  Womanist Theology in Theory and Practice
2.  Jamie Zuehl (Vanderbilt University), Cheap Jones, Cable TV, and Costumbre:  Competing Discourses on Womanhood in a Mayan Community
3.  Kellie Hogue (Indiana University), “She is a rough and wild creature”:  Narratives of Native Female Resistance in the Jesuit Relations
4.  Kathleen O’Brien (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Gender and the Politics of Evangelical Indigenous Religiosity in Highland Ecuador:  Implications for  Feminist Anthropology
5.  Katherine Lauth (Oberlin College), Resistance in the Hills:  Intersections of Gender, Sense of Place, and Activism in Southern West Virginia

10:15-12:00  (3-7)  Body as Self, Body as Community  [406]
Chair:  Nancy Eberhardt (Knox College)
1.  Emma Lawler (Grinnell College), Gendered Bodies as Sites of Oppression and Empowerment
2.  Jennifer Thompson (Westminster College), Social Boundaries:  In Group and Out Group Status According to Body Modification Artists
3.  Kaitlin Korbitz (University of Northern Iowa), Body, Identity and Enculturation within the Tattoo Art Community
4.  Kasia Minor (College of Wooster), The College of Wooster’s Students’ Understanding of Organ Donation

10:45-12:15  (3-8)  Exploring Human Cognition:  Evolution of Social Life, Religion, and Spatial Categories  [405]
Chair:  Pamela Sandstrom (Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne)
1.  Jon Wagner (Knox College), Economics, Narrative Cognition, and the Lower Paleolithic Revolution
2.  James Dow (Oakland University), How Evolution Created God
3.  Rick Feinberg (Kent State University), Radial Frames of Reference in Polynesia:  Taumako Systems of Spatial Orientation

10:45-12:15  (3-9) Workshop on the AAA Race Project
Organizer and Chair:  Arlene Torres (University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana)
1.  Arlene Torres
(University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana)
2.  Robert Ulin (Rochester Institute of Technology)


12:15-1:30  CSAS Business meeting and luncheon (ticketed, $8.50)


1:45-3:15  (3-10)  (Post-)Colonial Psychology and Identity in Oceania  [407]
Chair:  Rick Feinberg (Kent State University)
1.  Vincent Jessen (Loyola University Chicago), Baybayin Writing System (Philippines)
2.  Thomas Walton (University of Minnesota), They Don’t Die:  Doing Psychiatry in Urban Papua New Guinea
3.  Elise Berman (University of Chicago), Culture and Uses of Immaturity:  Marshallese Children as Moral Liars

1:45-3:45  (3-11)  Race and Racialization in the United States and India  [405]
Organizer and chair: Alison D. Goebel (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
1.  Teresa Ramos (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Managing Racism, Maintaining Space:  A Student Ethnography of Racism at Illinois
2.  Alison D. Goebel (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), "Mixed” Relationships in the Small City:  Race, Gender, and Small City Urbanity. 
3.  HyunHee Kim (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Contesting Law:  The Conflicts of Korean Immigrants in New York
4.  Christopher Fennell (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Adversive Racism and Perverse Incentives in 19th Century Illinois
5.  Grace Varghese (Westminster College), Interplay between Caste and Race in India

1:45-3:45  (3-12)  Archaeology:  Methodological Perspectives  [404]
Chair: Liz Sobel (Missouri State University)
1.  Aaron Stumberg and Cristy Abbott (University of Northern Iowa), Catchment Analysis of Hartman Reserve
2.  Brian Lane and David Lentz (University of Cincinnati), A Paleoethnobotanical Study of Precolumbian Subsistence in the Middle Ohio Valley
3.  Jennifer Rideout, Jenna Ely, and Liz Sobel (Missouri State University), Contact-Period Shifts in Native American Exchange Systems: Obsidian Evidence From the Lower Columbia
4.  Whitney Neugebauer (Eckerd College), Geochemical Signatures at Recently Abandoned House Site in the Puuc Region of Yucatan, Mexico
5.  George Calfas (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Look before you Dig:  Non-intrusive measure to Archaeology

1:45-4:00  (3-13)  Global Constraints, Local Strategies  [406]
Organizer:  Alexander Markovic (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Chair:  Evin Rodkey (University of Illinois at Chicago)
1.  Evin Rodkey (University of Illinois at Chicago), Transnationalism of a Different Color:  Negotiating Deportation in the Dominican Republic
2.  Ruth Gomberg-Muñoz (University of Illinois at Chicago), Transnational Labor, Local Strategies:  Immigrant Busboys in Chicago
3.  John Michels (University of Illinois at Chicago), The Gentrification of the Canadian Countryside:  Responses to Rural Development in the Almaguin Highlands
4.  Alex Markovic (University of Illinois at Chicago), Authenticity for Sale: Musical Performance and Romani Identity in southeastern Serbia
5.  Shannon Dosemagen (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee), Taking the Global to the Local:  Researching Hip Hop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
6.  Christopher Sheklian (University of Chicago), Redemptive Projects and Revolutionary Politics


3:30-6:00  (3-14)  Roundtable:  Celebrating 50 Years of Illinois Anthropology  [407]
Organizer:  Alejandro Lugo (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Chair: F. K. Lehman (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
1.  Myra Bluebond-Langner (Rutgers University at Camden)
2.  Clark Erickson (University of Pennsylvania)
3.  Joanne Rappaport (Georgetown University)
4.  Arlene Torres (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
5.  Gary Urton (Harvard University)
6.  Mary Weismantel (Northwestern University)
7.  Milford Wolpoff (University of Michigan at Ann Arbor)

4:00-6:00  (3-15)  Plans, Passages, and Paths: Communication, Consumption, and Culture at the Twenty-first Century University [405]
Organizer:  James Stanlaw (Illinois State University)
Chair:  Nobuko Adachi (Illinois State University)
1.  Jim Sauls and Bryan Alvarez (Illinois State University), “Hey, What’s That Big Grey Building Over There?”:  The Changing Role of the Library in the Lives of University Students
2.  Eric Hartzold (Illinois State University), Material Consumption and American University Students
3.  Karolyn Last (Illinois State University), “I Don’t Know” By Itself Is Just Not Enough:  Saving Face Through Obfuscation
4.  Lanette Mullins (Ivy Tech Community College), The Changing Face of American Educational Institutions
5.  James Stanlaw (Illinois State University), discussant

4:00-6:00  (3-16)  The Foundations and Maintenance of Communities  [404]
Chair:  Douglas Caulkins (Grinnell College)
1.  Audrey Ricke (Indiana University), Politics and Performance:  Creating Community Bavaria Style of Munich’s Oktoberfest
2.  Laura Yakas (Kenyon College), The Traditions of Holy Week and the Perceptions of the Community in a Rural Honduran Town
3.  Caroline Haggerty (Kenyon College), When Worlds Collide:  Differing Interpretations of Catholicism in a Rural Honduran Community
4.  Douglas Caulkins (Grinnell College), Cultural Hybridity in the Welsh and Irish Diasporas
5.  Rowan Steineker (Westminster College), Social Relationships and Interactions among the Residents of the “Presbyterian Manor”

4:15-6:00  (3-17)  The Uses and Meanings of Cultural Heritage  [406]
Chair:  Jack Glazier (Oberlin College)
1.  Gerald Carr (University of Michigan), Making “Heritage” in the Yukon
2.  Allan Meyers (Eckerd College), Cultural Appropriation of Bullfighting in Rural Yucatan, Mexico
3.  Baron Pineda (Oberlin College), Indigenous Experience at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples
4.  Jack Glazier (Oberlin College), Grand Delusion: An Anthropologist Looks at the Jefferson Davis Bicentennial


6:30     Dinner reception hosted by UIUC Anthropology Department

8:00     Performance by Balkan Music ensemble "Balkanalia"
Directed by Donna Buchanan, featuring special guest, Bulgarian composer and gudulka virtuoso Georgi Andreev, currently Music Director of the acclaimed National Bulgarian Folkloric Ensemble "Philip Kutev"



9:00-11:00  (4-1)  Presidential Roundtable/Breakfast:  The Future of Anthropology  (breakfast provided for all registered conference participants)
Chair:  Claude Jacobs (University of Michigan-Dearborn), current president of the Central States Anthropological Society
1.  Ulf Hannerz (University of Stockholm), past president of the European Association of Social Anthropologists
2.  Moshe Shokeid (Tel Aviv University), past president of the Israel Anthropological Association
3.  Virginia Dominguez (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), past president of the Society for Cultural Anthropology
4.  Jane Desmond (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) current president of the International American Studies Association
5.  Ed Bruner (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), past president of the American Ethnological Society
6.  Alma Gottlieb (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), past president of the Society for Humanistic Anthropology
7.  Arlene Torres (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), past president of the Association of Latina/Latino Anthropologists
8.  Rick Feinberg (Kent State University), past president of Central States Anthropological Society