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Rhythm Dictation

Module 1 simple & compound meters; beats & divisions

Module 2 simple & compound meters; beats & divisions: beat values other than the quarter-/dotted-quarter note

Module 3 subdivision in simple meters

Module 4 subdivision in compound meters

Module 5 simple & compound meters: syncopation at the half/third- beat level

Module 6 simple & compound meters: borrowed division I

Module 7 meter changes: simple-simple/cpd.-cpd.

Module 8 simple meters: syncopation at the level of the subdivision within the beat

Module 9 simple & compound meters: tuplets II- more patterns

Module 10 compound meters: syncopation within the beat at the level of the subdivision

Module 11 hemiola

Module 12 meter changes: simple-compound/compound-simple

Module 13 irregular meters

Module 14 syncopation at the level of the subdivision across beats

Module 15 tuplets across multiple beats

Module 16 beyond the subdivision of the beat

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