P.O. Box 13657, La Jolla, CA 92039


Post-Doctoral Fellow, Harvard University, (Social Relations), 1960.

Ph.D., Northwestern University, (Communication Studies, Social Psychology), 1959.

M.A., Kansas State University-State University of Iowa, (History & Government), 1953.

B.A., Drury College, (History, Political Science), 1951.


A. Teaching

City University of New York. Professor of Communication Studies (now Professor Emeritus), 1964-1989 Courses taught: Media Analysis and Criticism, Communication Theory, Persuasion and the Media, Argumentation, Conflict and Decision Theory, Political Communication, Legal Advocacy, Wit & Humor in Communication.

United States International University, San Diego [now California School of Professional Psychology]. Professor and Director of Doctoral Studies in Leadership & Human Behavior, 1989-1995. Courses taught: Media and Persuasion, Values and Decision-Making, Social Psychology, Organizational Leadership and Development, Developmental Psychology, Theories of Leadership. Directed 12 dissertations.

San Diego State University. Visiting Professor, 1969-1970. Graduate courses taught: Rhetorical Criticism, Persuasion, Argumentation.

Columbia University. Adjunct Professor of Communications, 1966-1978. Courses taught Theories of Communication, Small Group Communication, Conflict Management, Persuasion, Political Communication.

San Francisco State College. Associate Professor, Humanities, 1960-1964. History & Criticism of Public Address, Persuasion, Argumentation.

Northwestern University. Assistant Professor, 1955-1960. Communication Studies & Director of University Debate, Courses taught: Argumentation, Persuasion, Small Group Communication.

B. Administration

Chairman, Department of Communication, Queens College (CUNY), 1964-1969; Responsibilities: hiring, retention and tenure; supervision of 104 faculty and staff in divisions of Media, Communications Studies, Theatre, Performance Studies, Communication Studies (audiology & speech pathology)..

. Professional Service

Service to the National Communication Association: Administrative Committee, 1968-1969, 1976-1978; Chairman and Member, Board of Publications, 1975- 1980; Legislative Assembly, 1966-1970, 1976-1980; 1983-1987; Delegate to Constitutional Convention, 1969.

Elected Member and Chairman of Issues and Policies Division, The New Orleans Conference on Research, Instruction and Directions in Speech Communication, sponsored jointly by the U.S. Office of Education and the Speech Association of America, 1968.

Evaluator, U.S. Office of Education, NDEA Title IV Program, 1967-1969.

Official Representative from NCA to Republican National Convention, Chicago, 1960, and Democratic National Convention, Los Angeles, 1960.

D. Public Service

Coordinator, Workshop on Public Relations, National Gay Task Force, 1983-1985.

Staff Member (Research and Speech Preparation), Adlai E. Stevenson Presidential Campaign, 1955-1956; John F. Kennedy Presidential Campaign, 1959-1960.

E. Service to Universities

Queens College (CUNY): Member, Faculty Senate, 9 years; College Personnel and Budget Committee, 5 years; Board of Directors, Queens Hearing and Speech Center, 5 years; Director, 26 M.A. thesis committees.

Columbia University: Directed 19 doctoral dissertations, served on 11 dissertation committees.

Northwestern University: Director of Debate. University teams place first at 57 tournaments in 5 years and won National Championships in 1958 and 1959.

III. Scholarship

A. Books

Progay/Antigay: The Rhetorical War over Sexuality. With R. Smith. Thousand Oaks: Sage, 2000. 260 pp.

Argumentation and Advocacy. With A. Hastings. New York: Random House, 1966; 2nd Edition, 1968. 244 pp. [144,140 books sold]

Guide to Debate. With R. O'Neil. Portland: Walch, 1964; 2nd Edition, 1967; 3rd Edition, 1971. Republished by City University of New York Press, 1979, 1982. 300 pp. [102,822 books sold]

Championship Debate II. With A. Kruger. Portland: Walch, 1961. 214 pp. [24,084]

Championship Debate. With A. Kruger. Portland: Walch, 1961. 265 pp. [44,460]

Introduction to Small Group Communications. With A. Kruger. Portland: Walch, 1968; 2nd Edition, 1972; 3rd Edition, 1974. 290 pp. [20,914]

B. Articles

"Identity in Political Context: Lesbian/Gay Representation in the Public Sphere." With R. Smith. Journal of Homosexuality, 36 (1998), forthcoming.

"The Progay and Antigay Issue Culture: Interpretation, Influence and Dissent." With R. Smith. Quarterly Journal of Speech, 83 (1997), 28-48

"The Interpretation of Abolitionist Rhetoric: Historiography, Rhetorical Method, and History." With R. Smith. Southern Communication Journal, 60 (1995), 303-311.

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"Collective Action and the Single Text." With R. Smith. Southern Speech Communication Journal, 43 (Winter, 1978). 110-28.

"The Rhetoric of Mobilization: Implications for the Study of Movements," Southern Speech Communication Journal, 42 (Fall, 1976), 1-19.

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C. Convention Papers

"Religious Symbolic Convergence and Abolitionism," Speech Communication Association, 1993.

"The Construction of Nineteenth Century Activism," Speech Communication Association, 1992.

"The Mainstreaming of Adult Learners in Communication Courses," Speech Communication Association, 1990.

"The Multi-Media Course in Persuasion and Public Relations," Speech Communication Association, 1986.

"A New Look at Organizational Communication, "Eastern Communication Association, 1985.

"The New Orleans Conference: Ten Years Later," Speech Communication Association, 1982.

"Response to Three Papers," Panel on Political Communication, Eastern Communication Association, 1977.

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"The Role of Public Address in the Career of Adlai Stevenson," Central States Speech Association, 1959.

"Adlai Stevenson's Speech Staff in the 1956 Campaign: A Study in Decision- Making," Speech Association of America, 1958.

D. Editorial

Consulting Editor in Speech Communication for the Bobbs-Merill Company from 1964 to 1980. Fifty‑seven books were published under my editorship. My responsibilities were to make decisions on author and title; to plan series of books; to prepare synopses and outlines for each volume; to edit each manuscript; to write editor's forwards; to prepare advertising copy. Following are titles and authors:

Bobbs-Merrill Series in Speech Communication G. Miller, Speech Communication; R. O'Neil, Free Speech; T. Nilsen, Ethics of Speech Communication; T. Clevenger, Audience Analysis; G. Mills, Message Preparation: Analysis and Structure; E. Bettinghaus,: Message Preparation: Proof G. Phillips, Communication and the Small Group; R. Cathcart, Post Communication: Criticism. (All of the above were published simultaneously in 1966). G. Cronkhite, Persuasion: Speech and Behavioral Change, 1969; P. Salus, Linguistics, 1969; R. Benjamin,Semantics and Language Analysis, 1969; R.King, Forms of Public Address, 1969; R. Smith, Nonvernal Communication, 197 1; C. Smith and D. Hunsaker, The Basis of Argument, 1972; C. Weaver, Human Listening, 1972; G. Mills, Putting a Message Together, 1972; E. Bettinghaus, The Introduction to Speech: Nature of Proof 1972; G. Miller, Communication, 1972; R. ONeil, Free Speech, 1973; G. Phillips, Small Group Communication, 1973; T Nilsen, Ethics in Speech Communication, 1974; J. Condon and F. Yousef, Introduction to Intercultural Communication. 1975: J. DeVito, Articulation and Voice, 1975; R. Haas and D. Williams, The Study of Oral Interpretation, 1975; B. Pierce and C. Rossiter, Communicating Personally, 1975; T. Steinfatt, Interpersonal Communication, 1978; Phillips, Structuring Communication, 1978.

Total series books sold:  1,702,463

Bobbs-Merrill Series in Communicative Disorders:

J. DeVito, Psycholinguitics, 1971; D. Boone, Cerebral Palsy, 1972; M. Greene, Disorders of the Voice, 1972; J. Irwin, Disorders of Articulation, 1972; P. Menyuk, Development of Speech, 1972; F. Martin, Clinical Audiometry, 1972; M. Ross, Aural Rehabilitation, 1972; H. Halpern, Adult Aphasia, 1972; P. Lieberman, Speech Acoustics and Perception, 1973; M. Black, Therapy in the Schools, 1973; M. Miller, Hearing Aids, 1973; H. Gregory, Stuttering, 1973; D. Harris, Anatomy and Physiology of Hearing, 1973; 1. Hochberg, Audiometric Results, 1973; F. Kleffner, Language Disorders in Children, 1973; G. Powers, Cleft Palate, 1974; B. Schianger, Mental Retardation, 1974; B. Sheets, Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism, 1974; D. Harris, Electroencephenology and Layout of the Nervous System, 1974; D. Harris, Psychoacoustics, 1975.

Total series books sold: 608,815

Non-Series Volumes for Bobbs-Merrill 

E. Murray, Phillips, Truby, Speech: Science‑Art, 1969; G. Phillips, Dunham, Brubaker, Butt, Development of Oral Conmmunication, 1970; F. Matson, The Human Persuasion, 1970; W. Brandt, The Rhetoric ofArgumentation, 1970; N. Lin, The Study of Human Communication, 1972.

Total books sold: 163,608

I served as Consultant in Speech to Random House from 1967 to 1972. Five volumes were published: J. DeVito, The Psychology of Speech and Language, 1970; E. Erickson and G. Phillips, Interpersonal Dynamics in the Small Group, 1970; M. Clark and E. Erway, The Learning Encounter. The Classroom as a Communication Workshop, 1971; T. Sloan and J. Maclay, Interpretation: An Approach to the Study of Literature, 1972; F. Matson, The Human Persuasion, 1973.

Total books sold: 249,831

Total books written sold: 411, 852

Total edited books sold:  2,723,717

Total books sold: 3,135,569

I contributed, as author and associate editor (with R. O'Neil and J. Lynch) to the following books published by the American Enterprise Institute, which analyzed the national intercollegiate debate proposition, 1962-1966: Analysis of Non-Communist Organization, 1962; Analysis of Problems in Higher Education, 1963; Analysis of Federal Assistance to the Unemployed, 1964; Analysis of Restrictions on Law Enforcement, 1965; Analysis of American Foreign Policy Commitments, 1966.

As Chairman of the NCA Publications Board, I edited the following volumes published by the ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading and Communication Skills: F. Jandt and M. Hare, Instruction in Conflict Resolution, 1978; J.C. McCroskey, Quiet Children and the Classroom Teacher, 1979.

I have been reader for Quarterly Journal of Speech, Speech Monographs, Western Speech Journal, Central States Speech Journal, and Southern Speech Communication Journal.

E. Non-Published Manuscripts

"James A. Farley and the Roosevelt Campaign of 1932," MA. Thesis, 1953.

"Adlai E. Stevenson and the 1956 Campaign for the Presidency," Ph.D. Dissertation, 1959.