Gilded Age Politics

Voter Turnout

Civil War & Reconstruction Memories
"Bloody Shirt of Rebellion"
      -"Party of Negro Domination"

Protective Tariff
      -Morrill Tariff  (1861)

Grover Cleveland
      -James G. Blaine

McKinley Tariff  (1890)
      -"Billion Dollar Congress"  (1890)

Civil Service Reform
      -Merit Appointments
      -Spoils System

Pendleton Act  (1883)
      -James Garfield
Mugwumps  (1884)

      -Long Haul-Short Haul Differential

Granger Laws  (1870)
      -Patrons of Husbandry
      -Munn v. Illinois  (1877)
      -Wabash v. Illinois  (1886)

Interstate Commerce Commission  (1887)
      -Sherman Antitrust Act  (1890)

Ethno-Cultural Cleavages
      -Ritualists  (Liturgicals)

James G. Blaine
      -Grover Cleveland

Rev. Samuel Burchard
      -"Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion"

Banking and Currency
Free Coinage of Silver and Gold 
          - at 16 to 1  (1834-1873)
      -Greenbacks  (1862-1879)
      -Gold Standard  (1873-1933)
           -Silver minted at market value

Crime of 1873
      -Bland-Allison Act  (1878)
      -Sherman Silver Purchase Act  (1890-1893)
      -Grover Cleveland

William McKinley
      -Garrett Hobart

 William Jennings Bryan
      -Arthur M. Sewall  (DP)
      -Thomas E. Watson  (PP)

People's or Populist Party  


       Voter Turnout,


      Election of 1880




Merit & Patronage Appointments




Lost World of Gilded Age Politics








     Gold Certificate          


     Silver Certificate


  National Bank Note


    Greenback (Front)         

    Greenback (Back)


     CSA - Missouri

        CSA - National

   1923  Deutschmark


     Election of 1896