Late 19th Century Labor


Frederick W. Taylor
      -Scientific Management

Railroad Strike of 1877

Knights of Labor (1869)
      -Terence Powderly
      -Great Southwest Railroad Strike (1886)
           -Jay Gould
      -Haymarket Bombing (1886)

American Federation of Labor (1886)
      -Federation of Organized Trade and Labor Unions (1881)
      -Samuel Gompers
           -Craft Unionism
      -Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers
            -Homestead Strike (1892)
            -Henry Clay Frick

American Railway Union (1893)
      -Eugene V. Debs
      -Great Northern Strike (1893)
           -James J. Hill
      -Pullman Strike (1894)
          -George M. Pullman
          -General Managers' Association
          -Richard Olney
               -Grover Cleveland
                -John Peter Altgeld
        -Populist Party
        -Social Democratic Party (1897)
                -Socialist Party (1901)

Industrial Workers of the World (1905)
         -Bill Haywood