The New Deal

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

First New Deal

Relief, Recovery, Reform

Emergency Bank Relief Act  (Bank Holiday - 1933)
      -Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.  (FDIC)

Federal Securities Act  (1933)
      -Securities Exchange Commission  (1934)

Reconstruction Finance Corporation

National Industrial Recovery Act  (1933)
      -National Recovery Administration  (NRA)

1st Agricultural Adjustment Act  (AAA)

Gold Standard
Public Works Administration  (PWA)
Civilian Conservation Corps  (CCC)
Home Owners Loan Corporation  (HOLC)
Farm Credit Administration 
Federal Emergency Relief Administration  (FERA)
Tennessee Valley Authority  (TVA)



Dr. Francis Townsend
      -Old Age Pensions

Father Charles Caughlin
      -National Union for Social Justice

Senator Huey Long
      -Share Our Wealth

Second New Deal

Works Progress Administration  (WPA)
      -John Maynard Keynes

2nd Agricultural Adjustment Act  (AAA)

Social Security Act

Revenue Act of 1935

Wagner Act
      -National Labor Relations Board  (NLRB)

Court Packing Scheme (1937)

Successes and Failures


          Election of 1932



  Unemployment, 1929-1941










 Tennessee Valley Authority


















         Election of 1936