Andrew Carnegie:
Chartist to Robber Baron


Dunfermline, Scotland
       -Cottage Industry  (Hand Loom)

Chartist Movement
       -universal male suffrage
       -equal representation in Parliament
       -no property qualifications for Parliament
       -salaries for Members of Parliament
       -secret ballot
       -annual general elections

Bobbin Boy (1848)

Telegraph Messenger (1848)
       -Telegraph Operator (1851)

Tom Scott
       -Pennsylvania Railroad

Edgar Thompson
       -Cost-Volume-Velocity Doctrine

Finance (1865-1872)

Columbia Oil Company (1861)

Keystone Bridge Company (1862)

Carnegie Steel Company (1872-1901)

Pennsylvania Legislature (1889)
       -Railroad Regulation

Gospel of Wealth (1889, 1901)

Homestead Strike (1892)
       -Amalgamated Association of Iron & Steel Workers
       -Henry Clay Frick
       -Pinkerton Detective Agency

John D. Rockefeller
       -Mesabi Iron Ore Range

J.P. Morgan
       -United States Steel Corporation (1901)





            Andrew Carnegie