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Welcome to Planthugger Territory, a website that features course materials for Dr. Clydette Alsup-Egbers, Associate Professor of Horticulture, Missouri State University, Springfield, MO, USA.

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Gardening in a Bag

Gardening should be enjoyable, not back-breaking work!


AGP 103

Plant Science

A college-level introductory course about the basic principles and practices of the science and art of cultivating, processing and marketing of fruits, vegetables, nuts and ornamental plants.


AGP 323


The cultivation of flowers, including flowering plants and foliage plants: cut flowers, bedding plants, perennials and hanging baskets.


AGP 325

Herbaceous Plants

The identification of flowering herbaceous plants.



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AGP 441/641

Vegetable Production

Principles of commercial and home garden vegetable production with an emphasis on sustainable practices, alternative production techniques, and marketing crops. Organic techniques will be discussed. The course also covers crop climate conditions, physiological growth and development, and harvesting and storage.



AGP 543/664

Greenhouse Management

Exposing students to the basic principles of plant growth in controlled environments, providing experience in crop production and greenhouse management decisions, and explaining the technical components of greenhouse construction, maintenance and management.


AGP 573/643

Plant Propagation

Giving students the opportunity to learn the science and techniques of propagating plants, including growing from seed, cuttings, division, layering and tissue culture. The course meets about half the time for lectures and half the time for hands-on lab activities.


AGP 583/683

Plant Pathology

Diseases and physiological disorders of fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants. Emphasis is placed on the interactions between plants and pathogenic organisms, on environmental factors that cause plant diseases, and on disease control methods.

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