Greek and Near Eastern Succession Cycles (much simplified)

Babyonian Enuma Elish

Ea (son of Anu) conquers Apsu (his great, great grandfather) by magic spell

Marduk conquers Tiamat (primordial mother) and

butchers her carcase to (re)make the world.

Man is made from rebel god

Hittite Kingship in Heaven

Anush defeats Alalush

Kumarbi castrates Anush

Kumarbi swallows seed of Anush, becomes pregnant with Storm God =Teshub

Storm God defeats Kumarbi

Storm God challenged by Ullikummi and others

Greek Theogony

Cronus castrates Uranus, banishes him to outer heaven.

Cronus swallows offspring

Zeus defeats Cronus, imprisons Titans in Tartarus

Zeus is challenged by Typhon and Giants;

threatened with overthrow by his own offspring


Compare 'Contending of Horus and Seth'