Essay on the Readings

Write an essay on one of the topics below. It should be 400-750 words (or about 2-3 pages) in length. Use examples drawn from the readings. Quotations are not necessary.
Send the essay in by email. See the Dates page for the due date.

1: Indians and Americans

On the Documents page, read 1) Neolin, the Delaware Prophet, and Pontiac, the Master of Life Speaks to the Wolf, and 2) Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa, the Shawnee Prophet, Speeches.

Using these documents, write an essay that 1) explores different reasons why Neolin, Pontiac, Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa wanted Indians to oppose Americans, and 2) explains their goals for Indians. 

2: Frontiersmen

On the Documents page, read Henry R. Schoolcraft, Journal of a Tour into the Interior of Missouri and Arkansaw ... in the Years 1818 and 1819.

Using this document, write an essay describing how an American such as Schoolcraft, from the settled area to the east, could see himself as more civilized and superior to those who lived on the frontier. Give examples of how he was critical and biased in his views of the frontiersmen.

3: Using the Declaration of Independence

On the Documents page, read 1) the Declaration of Independence, 2) Stanton, Seneca Falls Declaration, and 3) Douglass, What to the Slave is the 4th of July?  

Using these documents, write an essay on how the Declaration of Independence was used, interpreted, and transformed by the women's rights movement and the anti-slavery movement.