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2023-2024 Supply List
Please put everything into a plastic, brown paper, or cloth bag for supply drop off day, which will probably be from 8:00-9:30 a.m. on Thursday, August 17th

If you can not drop off during this time, you should drop off on table outside of the 2nd grade room sometime before Friday at 3:00 p.m.

Procedure: Drop off will be quick. Come to the 2nd grade classroom and drop off your bag of supplies on a desk and choose a proper sized desk. 

What is Mystery Reader information sheet
Parent Mystery Reader letter (to be returned with clues)

Mystery Reader Schedule (Click to go to Signup Genius)
In order to give everyone an opportunity to be a Mystery Reader,
please sign up for only one slot, per child.

Mystery Reader is on Friday afternoons at 12:00-12:20

Who can sign up? It can be mom, dad, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or friend. Please do not tell your child that you have signed up.

It is really fun when it is a total surprise.
When you arrive, please wait by the office. Once the students come in from recess (12:00) and sit at the front, they will try to guess the “Mystery” Reader”. Then I will open the door for you to come in. If for some reason someone doesn’t come to the door within 5 minutes, please have the office page the room over the intercom and say the mystery reader is here.

All About Me Form
Student of the Week List 

What can you do for student of the week?
Here are some suggestions of things that have been done in the past.
1) Bring some pictures to share.
2) Tell about a special event.
3) Bring a show and tell item.
4) Send a snack to share during lunch on Friday.

There will be 2 book reports during the 2nd semester. 1 will be at the end of the 3rd quarter, and 1 will be at the end of 4th quarter.  

March book report: Picture Walk Book report due March 8th
Click here for Picture Walk information sheet: Picture Walk book report information sheet
After picking a book, please turn in a Picture Walk book report approval form.
Approval form is due on/by February 23, 2024
Click here to see the rubric for the Picture Walk Book Report.
You do not need to turn in a copy of the rubric however it would be helpful to review it to determine fulfillment of requirements.

May Book Report: Pick a Book Report due May 7th
Click here to see the different kinds of reports you can choose between.
Each report is a little different, so follow the directions for the type of report you pick.

After picking a book, please turn in a Book Report approval form.
4th quarter book Approval form is due on/by April 23, 2024

Each type of report has a different rubric, which is included with the information.  You don't need to turn in a copy of the rubric however it would be helpful to review it to determine fulfillment of requirements.

Class Handbook
Please take a moment to sit down with your child and read through this “handbook”. This book will enable all of us to work together to create a meaningful experience for you in 2nd grade.

This is the most up to date class schedule for 2nd grade.

School Calendar 


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