O, Brother Study Gvide


Ulysses Everett McGill - paterfamilias, liar
Penny Wharvey McGill -  mother of seven
Pete Hogwallop - was not turned into a toad (Circe turns men into pigs)

Delmar McDaniel - saved through baptism, looking for answers

Tommy Johnson - sold his soul to the Devil, raises expectation of being the Dead Man

Homer Stokes - friend of the Little Man


Handcar Dude - has NO NAME (unlike like Tiresias) but

Menelaus "Pappy" Mc Daniel - governor of Mississippi
George Nelson - not Babyface!!!
Sunglasses Dude - bad news (mean god, like Poseidon)

Big Dan Teague - Missouri State's own John Goodman!


Radio Station at the Crossroads - sing into the can, complete with faux Cyclops
Wash Hogwallop's Farm - damn, we're in a tight spot!
Kluxville - bizarre torch dance, complete with genuine faux Cyclops
State Capitol - Jackson, I assume?
The McGill Farm - a little refugium, if you will, in the Arkabutta Valley


The buried treasure as object of the heroic quest
Dead dude- comparison with Enkidu - Tommy or George?
Looking for answers - who is looking for answers and for what kind of answers?
What does Everett learn?
What is the importance of the Man of Constant Sorrow?
What is the importance of the Flood?
What is the Public Affairs content?