1. Zeus (Jupiter) - sky god, wielder of thunderbolt; ruler of the gods 

 2. Poseidon (Neptune) - god of the sea and of earthquakes 

 3. Hades (Pluto) - god of the underworld 

 4. Hestia (Vesta) - virgin goddess of the hearth fire 

 5. Demeter (Ceres) - goddess of grain, and of fertility in general 

 6. Hera (Juno) - goddess of marriage and childbirth, consort of Zeus 

 7. Ares (Mars) - god of war 

 8. Apollo (Apollo) - god of archery, prophecy, music, healing, and youth 

 9. Artemis (Diana) - virgin goddess of archery, wild animals, and the hunt 

10. Hermes (Mercury) - herald and messenger of the gods; god of business, 
    god of thieves; guide of the dead to the underworld 

11. Athena (Minerva) - virgin goddess of wisdom, weaving, and war 

12. Hephaestus (Vulcan) - god of fire and metalworking 

13. Dionysus (Bacchus) - god of wine, and of vegetation in general 

14. Aphrodite (Venus) - goddess of sexual desire 

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