Review For Exam #1

    1.    Legend

    2.    Divine/True myth- Story word of mouth passed down

    3.    Folktale

    4.    Aetiology- explains natural phenomenon

    5.    Euhemerist Theory (from Euhemerus, 3rd cent. BC)

    6.    4 basic approaches of myth:

    7.    Time line of Greek history

pre-2000 BC

ca. 2000 BC

2000 BC - 1100 BC

2000 BC - 1450 BC

1200 BC

1100 BC

1100 BC - 800 BC

480 BC - 323 BC

323 BC - 31 BC

Indigenous Greeks

Achaeans (Indo-European) begin taking over Greece

Mycenean Age (formed by Indigenous and Achaean culture)

Minoan Civilization on Crete

Fall of Troy (traditional date)

Dark Age - myths passed on orally

Archaic Period  - Homer and Hesiod

Classical Period - Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes, Plato

Hellenistic Period - Roman Legend, Vergil, Ovid

8.    Differences between Indigenous Greeks and Acheans

9.    Creators of types of writing

10.    Animism vs. anthropomorphism

11.    Positives and negatives of anthropomorphism

12.    Creation of the universe

13.    Gaia’s children by herself (animism)

14.    Gaia with Uranus = Titans, Hecatonchires, Cyclopes

15.    Uranus and deception

16.    Uranus's castration brings forth-

17.    New king and deception

18.    Titanomachy

19.    Zeus swallows 1st wife Metis (Cleverness), to gain "knowledge"

20.   "HITTITE CRONUS MYTH"   Parallel from Hittite civilization in Turkey (around 1500 BC)

21.    Zeus’ two challenges- Gigantonomachy & Typhonomachy

22.    Hieros Gamos

23.    Hesiod (ca. 750 BC) vs Ovid (ca 1 AD)

24.    Selene and Endymion

25.    Eos and Tithonus (aetiology)

26.    Versions of Creation: Prometheus and Mankind

27.    Prometheus Trilogy

28.    Hesiod’s ages of Humankind

Garden of Eden made of gold. Lived next to Gods, eternal youth, all abundant
Created/destroyed by Zeus. No repect for the gods and killed one another (Hubris)
Humans used bronze tools killing themselves and caused war
(Mycenean) an up blip in a drastic downturn
(Hesiod lives in this one) soon to be destroyed

29.    Terms

30.    Syncretism of Greek and Roman parallels

31.    Ovid’s Metamorphoses =  the FLOOD

32.    Zeus and Hera's offspring

33.    Hephaestus wife

34.    Offspring of Pontus

35.    Children of Poseidon

36.    Animism to anthropomorphism

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