Review For Exam #2

    1.    Rulers of the underworld

   2.    The five rivers of Hades

    3.    Elysian fields = Paradise in the realm of Hades

    4.    KATABASIS: story of a person's round trip voyage to the underworld

    5.   3 fates/Daughters of Zeus threads of life

    6.    Top 53 sinners

    7.    Odyssey by Homer (Olympian view)

    8.    Plato’s Republic (philosophical view)

    9.    Vergil’s Aeneid-Roman

    10.    Evaluating conceptions of the afterlife

Homer Plato Vergil
Is there hope for a positive afterlife? None Some Some
Is the body more important or is the soul? Body Soul Soul
Do people bear responsibility for their actions? No Yes Yes

    11.    Why does mystery religions have so much popularity?

    12.    Three major mystery religions of Ancient Greece

    13.    Eleusinian-Homeric hymn to Demeter

    14.    Eleusinian ritual

    15.    Bacchic legends

    16.    "Rejected god" myths

    17.    Bacchae and Zagreus

    18.    Bacchic ritual

    19.    Pan

    20.    Echo

    21.    Orpheus and Orphic Bible

    22.    Comparison of Greek mystery religions

Eleus. Bacch. Orph.
Established ritual yes no no
High emotional content yes yes no
Standards of morality optional amoral high
Rebirth/katabasis myth yes yes yes
Acceptable to government? yes no yes
Hope for satisfactory afterlife? yes yes? yes?

    23.    Aphrodite/Venus affairs & other acts

    24.    Artemis and Apollo

    25.    Artemis/Diana

    26.    Hippolytus

    27.    Apollo

        28.    Athena (Minerva)

        29.    Hermes

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