Review for Exam #3

    01.    Discuss the nature of the heroic in ancient Greco-Roman myth.

    02.    Appeal of the heroic: humanlike, entertainment

    03.    Compare Heracles, Theseus, Jason, and Perseus with the Herometer.

  Herc Thes Jas Pers
Divine birth on one side Y Y - Y
Weird events from birth onward Y Y Y Y
Hero faced with opposition Y Y Y Y
Proves heroism by overcoming opposition Y Y Y Y
Love interest Y Y Y Y
Has Helper Y Y Y Y
Labors Y Y Y Y
Confrontation with death Y Y Y -

    04. Hercules (the glory of Hera) and his origin

    05.    Heracles's Trials by Hera

    06.    Personality traits

    07.    Heracles's Twelve "Canonical" Labors for Eurystheus

    08.    Heracles's death

    09.    Theseus-hero of Athens and Attica. Son of Aegeus, Poseidon, and Aethra

    10.    Early Labors of Theseus (Troezen to Athens)

    11.    Theseus and the Minotaur

    12.    Hippolytus

    13.    Perseus (Zeus and Danae)

    14.    Bellerophon-rider of Pegasus and hero of Corinth.

    15.    Ixion- King of Lapiths

    16.    Peleus and Thetis ( Parents of Achilles, greater than fathe)

    17.    Atlanta-heroine 1st to shoot Calydonian Boar

    18.    Calydonian boar hunt

    19.    Pyramus and Thisbe (Ovid) = Romeo and Juliet

    20.    Hero and Leander. Hero Priestess of Aphrodite in tower.

    21.    Baucis and Philemon

    22.    Jason (son of Aeson, nephew of King Pelias of Iolcus)

    23.    Jason and Medea

    24.    Oedipus Rex, swollen foot (son of Laius)

    25.    Herometer

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