Central States Anthropological Society 2010 Conference

April 8-10, Madison, Wisconsin


PRELIMINARY PROGRAM (updated March 29)

Paper abstracts



12:30-4:30  Registration [3rd floor hallway]


1:00-6:00  Publishers’ Exhibit and McLeod Memorial Reprint Exchange [326]


1:30-3:30 (1-1)  Native Agriculture in Wisconsin (Panel Discussion) [313]

Organizer and chair:  Alice B. Kehoe (U. of Wisconsin Milwaukee)

      1.   David Overstreet (College of the Menominee Nation)

      2.   Robert Sasso (University of Wisconsin Parkside)

      3.   William Green (Beloit College)

      4.   William Gartner (U. of Wisconsin Madison)

      5.   Alan Caldwell (Menominee Nation)


1:30-4:00 (1-2)  New Ethnographic Perspectives on Communication and Identity:  Language, Culture, and Space [213]

Organizer and chair:  James Stanlaw (Illinois State U.)

      1.   Masashi Kato (Illinois State U.), Branches of Flowering Plums in the West: The Gender Identities of Midwestern Kendo Practitioners

      2.   Victoria More and Amanda Starling (Illinois State U.), The Symbolic Use of Space and Technology in the Modern Library

      3.   Katie Miller (Illinois State U.), Be My Oneesama: Constructing Sisterhood in Online Communities on College Campuses

      4.   Devan Forney and Marissa Caltagerone (Illinois State U.), Urban and Rural Illinois Speech: Contexts and Understanding

      5.   James Sauls (Illinois State U.), Racial and Ethnic Identities and Cultures in Southern Brazil

      6.   Nobuko Adachi (Illinois State U.), discussant


1:30-4:00 (1-3)  Rethinking Religion, Authority, and the State in a Few Asian Contexts [309]

Organizer:  Jason Hopper (U. of Wisconsin Madison)

Chair:  Nancy Eberhardt (Knox College)

      1.   Anthony L. Irwin (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Modern-Mechanics, Early-Modern Meanings: The Early Modern Concerns of the Dhammayut Reformation

      2.   Prakirati Satasut (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Flexible Buddhism: Locating Continuity, Knowledge and Power in Contemporary Buddhist Movements

      3.   Taylor M. Easum (U. of Wisconsin Madison), From Spaces of Legitimacy to Sites of Resistance: Sacred Space and the Chiang Mai State, 1890-1939

      4.   Francis R. Bradley (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Authority without a State: Islamic Leadership in the Malay-Thai Borderland after 1786

      5.   Jason Erb (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Buddhism and power in comparative perspective: Buddhism and political authority in Meiji-era Osaka
6.   Jason Hopper (U. of Wisconsin Madison), The Discrete Charm of Monarchy: Thinking about Politics in Bhutan with comparisons to Thailand and Nepal


1:30-4:15 (1-4)  Got Relevance? Ethnographic Exploration in Midwest America [325]

Organizer and chair:  Kelly Branam (Saint Cloud State U.)

      1.   Zachary Lamb (Saint Cloud U.), Alienation and Atomization: The Political Economy of Neoliberal Capitalism and the Emergence of Couch Surfing

      2.   Erin Peterson (Saint Cloud U.),  “Lookn’ Stuck”: Why we serve our Communities

      3.   Alison Underland (Saint Cloud U.), Ooga Booga! Ritual, Communal Sharing, Fictive Kinship and Midwestern Flintknappers

      4.   Josephine Kephart (Saint Cloud U.), From Guts to Glory:  A Crohns Community’s Empowerment and Affirmation through an Online Social Support Network

      5.   Katherine Wood (Saint Cloud U.), Eating Local: Ideas Concerning Community, Identity, and Cedar Summit Farm

      6.   Caitlin Gillespie (Saint Cloud U.), F or Food, For Raiment, For Life Opportunity: Identities, Communities and Culture among Adolescent Peer Groups

      7.   Emily Schultz (Saint Cloud State U.), discussant




3:45- 5:45 (1-5)  Our Places, Our Selves: Space, Place, and Authenticity [313]

Organizer and chair: Lisa Bintrim (U. of Wisconsin Madison)

      1.   Carolyn Freiwald (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Classic Maya Identity and Population Movement in the Belize River Valley

      2.   David Weber (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Construction of the Russian “Master Narrative” in the Historic Spaces of Moscow’s City Center

      3.   Huai-Hsuan Chen (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Materialization of Originality:  Cultivating “Yuanshengtai” Imagery in a Tourist Town in Yunnan, China

      4.   Lisa Bintrim (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Like a Volunteer: Shaping Subjectivities in the Voluntourism Encounter

      5.   Claire Wendland (U. of Wisconsin Madison), discussant


4:15-6:00 (1-6)  Translation through the Looking Glass [309]

Organizer: Myrdene Anderson (Purdue University)

Chair:  Elizabeth Stassinos (Westfield State College, Massachusetts)

      1.   Phyllis Passariello (Centre College) and Alison McDaniel (Independent Scholar), Translation ‘Light’, Expatriates, Native Languages, and the Foibles of Cross-Cultural Exchange in Mesoamerica
2.   Katja Pettinen (Purdue U.), The Truth Claim of Coming Out

      3.   Myrdene Anderson (Purdue U.) and Devika Chawla (Ohio U.), Translating Living to Experience to a Life

      4.   Sugata Bhattacharya (independent scholar), discussant

      5.   Elizabeth Stassinos (Westfield State College, Massachusetts), discussant


4:15-6:00 (1-7)  Issues and Applications in Biological Anthropology [213]

Chair:   Jon Wagner (Knox College)

      1.   Miranda Utzinger (Illinois State U.), Occipital Bunning as Evidence of Admixture

      2.   Anthony P. Helms  (Western Michigan U.), A False Dichotomy:  Variation in Human Biological Sex

      3.   Katharine Singleton (Beloit College), Investigating the link between spinal column morphology and locomotion pattern in primates

      4.   Ryan Rindler (Ball State U.) and Sarah Stanley (Colorado College), Degenerative Joint Disease in the Distal Tibia:  A Study of the Activity Patterns of Bab edh-Dhra’


4:30-6:00 (1-8) (Re-)Interpreting the Past [309]

Chair:  Margaret Buckner (Missouri State U.)

      1.   Vernard Foley (Purdue U.), Paleo-Transatlantic Migration: Some glimpses of the boats?

      2.   Andrew Baker (Western Michigan U.), A Mortuary Analysis of Gender Relations in Kalamazoo, Michigan

      3.   Janilee Plummer (Ball State U.), Distaff, Whorl, and Wheel: Medieval Views of Spinning


     Dinner break            


7:00-9:00 (1-9)  CSAS Board Meeting [Lowell 118]


7:00-9:00 (1-10)  Roundtable:  Teaching Anthropological and Social Science Research Methods [325]

Organizers:  Willie L. McKether (U. of Toledo), Stephanie May de Montigny (U. of Wisconsin Oshkosh), and Theodore Randall  (Indiana U. South Bend)

Chair:  Willie L. McKether (U. of Toledo)

      1.   Willie L. McKether (U. of Toledo)

      2.   Stephanie May de Montigny (U. of Wisconsin Oshkosh)

      3.   Theodore Randall  (Indiana U. South Bend)


7:00-9:00 (1-11)  CSAS and NASA Workshop:  “Official” and “Unoffical“ Perspectives on Graduate School [313]

Organizer and chair: Melinda Bernardo (U. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

All students welcome--refreshments provided.





7:30-4:30  Registration [Alumni Lounge, 1st floor]


8:00-6:00 Publishers’ Exhibit and McLeod Memorial Reprint Exchange [326]


8:00-9:30 (2-1)  People and Plants (and Pests) [325]

Chair:  Anna Willow (Ohio State U.)

      1.   Andrew Flachs (Oberlin College), Food For Thought: The Social Impact of Urban Gardens in the Greater Cleveland Area

      2.   Monique Hassman (U. of Wisconsin Milwaukee), Planting Place and Purpose in Milwaukee: An Ethnography of Localizing Urban Agriculture

      3.  Anna Willow (Ohio State U.), Native North American Responses to the Invasive Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Beetle


8:00-9:45 (2-2)  Beyond Stones and Bones: Emerging Paradigmatic Complexity in the Study of Hominin Sociality [313]

Organizer and chair:  Jon Wagner (Knox College)

      1.   James Dow (Oakland U.),  The Evolution of Religion and the Theory of Cooperative Games

      2.   Derek Brereton ( Adrian College),  Storytelling and the Evolutionary Nature of Human Experience

      3.   Benjamin Campbell (U. of Wisconsin Milwaukee),  Neuroanthropology:  Putting Together Social and Biological Anthropological Perspectives on Embodiment into an    Evolutionary Framework

      4.   Jon Wagner (Knox College), Emotion, Hominin Hypersociality, and the Evolution of Warfare


8:00-9:45 (2-3)  The Making and Remaking of Gender [335]

Chair:  Katja Pettinen (Purdue U.)

      1.   Takami S. Delisle (U. of Kentucky), Gender Politics, Japanese Expatriate Wives, and Contested Subjectivity

      2.   Cathy Pyrek (Kent State U.), Homosexuality: Genuine or Spurious?

      3.   Zhou Chen (U. of Kansas), Writing other, reading herself: Unveil the mysterious popularity of boys’ love literature in Chinese

      4.   Erin Moore (U. of Chicago), Walk Like a MEMPROW Girl: How NGOs Make Global Feminists out of Ugandan Girls


8:00-9:45 (2-4)  Experiments and Material Culture [213]

Organizer and chair:  Nobuko Adachi (Illinois State U.)

      1.   Scott Drapalik (Illinois State U.), Understanding the Late Archaic of the Upper Great Lakes: An Experimental Study on the Formation of Fire-Cracked Rock

      2.   Cristina Morales (Illinois State U.), Bottled Water: Our Secret Luxury

      3.   Carol Richards (Illinois State U.), Green: Its Symbolism and Use in the 21st Century

      4.   James Stanlaw (Illinois State U.), discussant


8:00-9:45 (2-5)  Four-Field Poster Session [309]

      1.   Nathenial Crowley (U. of Wisconsin-Superior), The Changing Role Of The Co-Operative in the Natural Foods Market

      2.   Margaret Lilly (U. of Missouri St Louis), Asthma in St. Louis

      3.   Laura McCarty (U. of Missouri St Louis), Temporal and Geographic Variation in Neanderthal Morphology

      4.   David Ritter (DePaul U.), Public Space in Post Strike Pullman: A Study of Diasporas

      5.   Whitney Villmer (U. of Missouri St. Louis), Obsidian as a Socio-Economic Indicator in West Mexican Archaeology

      6.   Kalvin Hartwig (Michigan Technological U.), 'Nishinaabe Self-Determination: Language Revitalization in Two Chippewa Bands




9:45-12:30 (2-6)  Festivals and Identity [325]

Organizer and chair:  Kathleen M. Adams (Loyola U. Chicago)

      1.   Ann Terry Strauss and Jay Williams (U. of Chicago),  Tribal, Inter-Tribal and Indian  Identity in Pow-Wow

      2.   Kathleen M. Adams (Loyola U. Chicago), From “Race” to Place: Identity Discourses in San Juan Capistrano’s Swallows Festival

      3.   Barbara J. Dilly (Creighton U.),  Pageants at the Crossroads: Performing Culture on a Changing Stage

      4.   Jacquelyn A. Lewis-Harris (U. of Missouri St. Louis), Festival of the Pacific Arts:  Identity, Art and Politics in the Pacific

      5.   Phyllis Passariello (Centre College), Pilgrims of Privilege: Holidays, Transnationalism, and Expatriate Identity in Mesoamerica

      6.   Audrey Ricke (Indiana U.) Work and Play: Conceptualizing Race Relations in the Brazilian South


10:00-12:30 (2-7)  An Interdisciplinary Archaeology: Enhancing Explanation through the Use of Multiple Approaches [213]

Organizer and chair:  Nick Kardulias (College of Wooster)

      1.   Elizabeth Terveer (College of Wooster), The Kingship of Cleopatra VII

      2.   W. Brett Arnold (College of Wooster), The Role of La Téne Culture in the Jastorf Transition from Tribes to Chiefdoms in Iron Age Germany

      3.   Dustin Gatrell (College of Wooster), The Extinction of the Neanderthals and the Examination of the Hybrid Child at Abrigo do Lagar Velho, Portugal

      4.   Benjamin Stone (College of Wooster), Classical Culture in the Context of Greek Society

      5.   William Hansen (College of Wooster),  The Effects of Climate Change on the Collapse of the Hopewell Culture

      6.   Ricky Workman (College of Wooster), A Workman’s Manual: A Field Guide to the Classification, Dating, and Conservation of Ohio’s Prehistoric Ceramics


10:00-12:30 (2-8)  Institutional Cultures and Critical Engagement in the Midwest [309]

Organizer and chair:  Douglas Caulkins (Grinnell College)

      1.   Elizabeth Miller (Grinnell College), I’ve Got More Papers Due than You: Competition and Stress in a Liberal Arts College

      2.   Hugh Redford (Grinnell College), Exploring Self-Governance in a Liberal Arts College

      3.   Katie Reid and Georgina Leal (DePaul U.), The Deprivation of Integration:  International Student Life at DePaul U.

      4.   Lanette Mullins (Ivy Tech Community College), Growth of the Community College:  Economics v. Practicality

      5.   Dean Porter (Grinnell College), Urban Planning, NGOs and Sustainability in Central Iowa

      6.   Douglas Caulkins (Grinnell College), Resisting Microsoft’s Monoculturalism:  Organizational Culture and Engaged Critique at Grinnell College.


10:00-12:30 (2-9)  Language Matters:  Social Uses of Discourse and Narratives [335]

Chair:  David Perusek (Kent State U. Ashtabula)    

      1.   Jacqueline Preston (U. Wisconsin Madison), Collective Persuasions: An ethnography of rhetoric in two rural communities

      2.   Gillian Richards-Greaves (Indiana U., Bloomington), Masking Speech, Constructing Ethnic Identities: The Performance of Proverbs in the Kweh-Kweh Ritual

      3.   Sophia Balakian (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Levi-Strauss’s “History-for” and Mythic Memory in Armenian and Tibetan Narratives of Displacement

      4.   David Perusek (Kent State U. Ashtabula), A Critical Respose to "The Last Lecture":  Cancer, Culture and Consciousness in the U.S.

      5.   Ian C. Smith (Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History), Coffee Cupping:  Language, Ritual, and Context


10:00-12:30 (2-10)  History of Anthropology with a Wisconsin Accent [313]

Organizer and chair:  Frank Salomon (U. of Wisconsin Madison)

      1.   Herbert Lewis (U. of Wisconsin Madison), After Linton and Gower: What Happened to Anthropology at the U. of Wisconsin in the 1930s and 1940s

      2.   Ray Fogelson (U. of Chicago), TBD

      3.   Carolyne Ryan (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Pieces of the Past: Archaeological Artifacts in Scientific and Social Context, Argentina 1904-1929

      4.   Alice Kehoe (U. of Wisconsin Milwaukee), Rooted in the Soil: “Identity” and the Rhetoric of Land Claims

      5.   Frank Salomon (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Kinsmen Resurrected: John Murra and the History of American Anthropology

      6.   Justine Cordwell (Northwestern U.), The Challenge of Students’ Fieldwork to the Herskovitses


     Lunch break         


1:30-3:30 (2-11)  Conceiving (of) bodies:  Health, disease and gender [335]

Organizer and chair:  Jessica Mason (U. of Wisconsin Madison)

      1.   Jessica Mason (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Deviance, duty, and disorder:  Images of motherhood in post-Soviet Russia

      2.   Margaret Collier (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Diabetes Concepts in Urban American Indian Healthcare

      3.   Ayeshah Iftikhar (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Sperm donation and the Predicament of the Anonymous Gift: Reflections from fieldwork in the US cryobanking industry

      4.   Kiersten Warning (U. of Wisconsin Madison), The Effects of Globalization upon Gender

      5.   Maria Lepowsky (U. of Wisconsin Madison), discussant


1:30-3:30 (2-12)  Service-Learning and Engaged Scholarship in Refugee Resettlement – a Poster Session [309]

Organizer: Daniel S. Amick (Loyola U. Chicago)

      1.   Daniel S. Amick (Loyola U. Chicago) and Alexandra L. Hill (Ethiopian Community Association of Chicago), Refugee Resettlement as a Community-Based Research   Program in Anthropology

      2.   Lauren Del Carlo and Margaret Paulson (Loyola U. Chicago), Development of ELL Resources for Refugees and Student Volunteers

      3.   Sarah Masri and Vincent Jessen (Loyola U. Chicago), Healthcare Issues in Refugee Resettlement

      4.   Kathryn Condic and Patricia Davis (Loyola U. Chicago), Campus Fundraising Efforts in Support of Refugee Resettlement

      5.   Evan Brown and Caitlin Donato (Loyola U. Chicago), Collection and Distribution of Material Needs for Newly Arrived Refugees

      6.   Robert Liss and Julissa Cruz (Loyola U. Chicago), Establishing Refugee Awareness through Inter-Cultural Dialogue

      7.   Kelsey Horton and Paige McPhail (Loyola U. Chicago), Assisting Refugee Preparation and Opportunities for Employment

      8.   Alicia Walter and Brendan Fitzgerald (Loyola U. Chicago), Transportation Assistance:  The Ride to Success in Refugee Resettlement


1:30-3:15 (2-13)  Defining and Refining Art [213]

Chair: Anne Pryor (Wisconsin Arts Board)

      1.   Nina Corazzo (Valparaiso U.), Concerns About our Environment in Contemporary Art

      2.   Molly McGown (U. of Illinois at Chicago), Producing Dancers, Producing Dance: Genderedness and Gendering in Formal Dance Education

      3.   Elise DeCamp (Indiana U.) Humoring the Audience: Negotiating Race in Midwestern Comedy Clubs

      4.   Anne Pryor (Wisconsin Arts Board), Confessions of a Folklorist


1:30-4:00 (2-14)  Innovative Ethnography:  Ethics, Methodology, and Applications [313]

Chair:  Douglas Kline (Indiana U. Purdue U. Fort Wayne)

      1.   Melony Stambaugh (Northern Kentucky U.), The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly:  Nonprofit IRS Reporting

      2.   Douglas Kline (Indiana U. Purdue U. Fort Wayne), Studying the Employer:  Methodological Issues while Working for Your Informants

      3.   Willie McKether and Lea McChesny (The U. of Toledo), An Ethnographic Study of the Economic Crisis in Lucas County, Ohio:  The Fragility of Healthcare Cover

      4.   Jon Wolseth (Luther College), Epistemic Insult and the Anthropology of Violence: A View From the Street

      5.   Sarah K. Shaw (Kent State U.), Culture and Conflict:  The Use of Cultural Anthropology by the U.S. Military


1:30-4:15 (2-15)  Studies in Identity (Re)Formation [325]

Chair: Thomas H. Johnson (U. of Wisconsin Stevens Point)

      1.   Rebecca M. Caldaroni (U. of Illinois Chicago), Travellers:  Constructing Minority Identity in the Context of Exclusion

      2.   Ian Merkel (Carleton College), Malian Immigration and Identity Formation:  Côte d’Ivoire, the Republic of Congo, Cameroon

      3.   Tori Duoos (DePaul U.), Drinking Yerba Mate:  The Argentine Experience

      4.   Whitney Gaspard (DePaul U.), Making My Haitian Self: Haitian Identities inside of the Bahamas

      5.   Thomas H. Johnson (U. of Wisconsin Stevens Point), The Identity Puzzle in Native American Studies

      6.   Karen Esche-Eiff (U. of Wisconsin Milwaukee), Translations of Seva among Milwaukee Members of the Mata Amritanandamayi Mission in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, and Amritapuri, India




3:30-6:00 (2-16)  Place and Displacement:  Land Rights, Refugees, and NGOs [213]

Chair:  Bill Wedenoja (Missouri State U.)

      1.   Bill Wedenoja  (Missouri State U.), Cultural Heritage and Opposition to Mining in Jamaica

      2.   Nilda Barraza (U. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), "Mujer, negra y desplazada” in the Contemporary Chocó, Colombia

      3.   Rachel Rimmerman (DePaul U.), Developing Development: A Case Study in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

      4.   Christie Shrestha (U. of Kentucky), “How much rice can they eat?”: Implications of structural discontinuities in Refugee Resettlement Programs

      5.   Erin Antalis (U. of Illinois Chicago), An Ecological Community Assessment of Urban Refugees: Suffering and Somatization in Dar es Salaam

      6.   Christian Vannier (Wayne State University), NGOs, Neoliberal Subjects, and Competitive Social Service Delivery in Rural Haiti


3:45-6:00 (2-17)  Constructing Identity and Reality through Language [309]

Chair:  Myrdene Anderson (Purdue U.)

      1.   Jen-Li Ko (U of Wisconsin Milwaukee), Language and identity:  How Chinese Americans construct their identity in Chicago’s Chinatown

      2.   Neslihan Sen (U. of Illinois Chicago), Public Visibility and its Dilemma:  Disciplining Women’s Sexuality and Language in Turkey

      3.   Brandi Bethke (Augustana College, SD), Escape to Metropolis: A Short Study of Comic Book Hero Based RPG Gamming Language and Culture
4.   Kate Herzog (Kansas State U.), Mwe?efu kama su?gu?a: How Metaphors Reflect Worldview

      5.   Nataliya Semchynska-Uhl  (Purdue U.), Representation of time in the world cultures


4:00-6:00 (2-18)  Conflict, Magic, and the State:  Studies in Violence [335]

Organizer and chair:  Erika Robb Larkins (U. of Wisconsin Madison)

      1.   Michael Kwas (U. of Wisconsin Madison), “Simmering Hatreds and Animosities”:  An Ethnography of the Port Washington Draft Riot of 1862

      2.   Kweku Opoku-Agyemang (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Susu and Violence in Sodom and Gomorrah

      3.   Victor Ogbonnaya Okorie (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Magic and missiles:  Meaning and mirage in militancy of youths in Niger Delta Nigeria

      4.   Erika Robb Larkins (U. of Wisconsin Madison), “A Stray Bullet has no Address:  The Institutionalization of Terror in a Rio de Janeiro Favela

      5.   Neil Whitehead (U. of Wisconsin Madison),  discussant


4:15-6:00 (2-19)  Topics in Archaeology [313]

Chair:  Alice Kehoe (U. Wisconsin Milwaukee)

      1.   Ashley Downing (Northern Illinois U.), Theories Surrounding the Pyramids with Ramps at Pachacamac

      2.   Nicole Bethel (Wooster U.), Household Arcaheology of the Frankish Period in Greece

      3.   Benjamin Gappa (DePaul U.), To Build a Hearth & Home: On the Control of Dwelling-space During Bahamian Slavery


4:30-6:00 (2-20)  Workshop/Session:  Innovations in Teaching Techniques for Introductory Anthropology Classes [325]

Co-Organizers:  Bill Guinee (Westminster College) and Harriet Ottenheimer (Kansas State U.)

      1.   Bill Guinee (Westminster College), A Fieldwork and Blogging Assignment for the Introductory Anthropology Course

      2.   Harriet Ottenheimer (Kansas State U.), Beyond Na’vi:  Encountering Virtual and Natural languages in Introductory Linguistic Anthropology


     Dinner break          


7:30 (2-21)  Distinguished Lecture:  Neil Whitehead (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Torture and Ethnography: Epistemologies of Conquest and Knowledge [325-326]


8:30 (2-22)  Javanese gamelan ensemble will play during a dessert reception and a no-host bar. [Alumni Lounge, 1st floor]





7:30-3:00  Registration [Alumni Lounge, 1st floor]


8:00-5:00  Publishers’ Exhibit and McLeod Memorial Reprint Exchange [326]


8:00-10:30 (3-1)  Spatial Representation and Spatial Orientation [309]

Organizer and chair:  Rick Feinberg (Kent State U.)

      1.   Margaret Buckner (Missouri State U.), Places without Borders: Manjako spatial concepts (Guinea Bissau, West Africa)

      2.   Giovanni Bennardo (Northern Illinois U.), Physical Space and Social Space in Tonga:  Backgrounding Ego

      3.   Rick Feinberg (Kent State U.), Mysteries of Navigation in the Southeastern Solomon Islands

      4.   Kate Grim-Feinberg (U. of Illinois), Positioning the Self in Relation to Others in Everyday Activities:  Theory and Methods of Analysis

      5.   Alexander Mawyer (Lake Forest U.), Orienting ‘Spacetime’ in the Gambier, French Polynesia

      6.   Alan R. Sandstrom and Pamela Effrein Sandstrom (Indiana U. Purdue U. Fort Wayne), Panthesistic Religion and the Cognized Model of the Environment among the Nahua of Northern Veracruz Mexico


8:00-10:30 (3-2)  Resistance and Revitalization: Perspectives in Religion, Tradition and Modernity [213]

Organizer and chair:  Charitie V. Hyman (U. of Wisconsin Madison)

      1.   Fatima Sartbaeva (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Gender, Witchcraft, and Islam:  Resisting Colonialism

      2.   Maria Elena Frias (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Recovering the Sacred: Curation and American Indian Religions

      3.   Meg Turville-Heitz (U. of Wisconsin Madison), The Shaman of our Fantasies

      4.   Bo Wang (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Making Splendor: The Birth and Revival of Ssu-ma Ch’ien Study Association

      5.   Charitie V. Hyman (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Scary Monsters and Super Creeps:  Revitalization, Revolution, and Apocalypse in 17th-Century Russia

      6.   Larry Nesper (U. of Wisconsin Madison), discussant


8:00-10:00 (3-3)  Out in the Midwest: Current Research in Queer Anthropology [313]

Organizer and chair:  Amber R. Clifford-Napoleone (U. of Central Missouri)

      1.   Amber R. Clifford-Napoleone (U. of Central Missouri), The Leather Sisterhood: Metal, Masculinity, and Lesbian Fandom

      2.   Mary L. Gray (Indiana U. Bloomington), City limits: Youth, new media, and the boundaries of queer visibility in the rural United States

      3.   Josephy Jay Sosa (U. of Chicago), Diversity on the Periphery: A Brief Discursive Sexual Topography of Sčo Paulo, Brazil

      4.   Jenna Basiliere (Indiana U. Bloomington), tba

      5.  April S. Callis (Purdue U.), Bisexual, Queer, Pansexual, Other: Constructing a Non-Binary Sexual Identity  


8:00-10:30 (3-4)  Topics in Medical Anthropology [325]

Chair:  Agnes Loeffler (U. of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health)

      1.   Sweta Basnet (Grand Valley State U.), Medical Pluralism and Health Strategies in Rural Nepal

      2.   Shawna Young and Amanda Benfield (DePaul U.), Health in a Haitian Bahamian Community: Roles and Responsibilities

      3.   John Mazzeo (DePaul U.), Assessing the Community Health Needs of Haitian Migrants in the Bahamas

      4.   Ramona Tenorio (U. of Wisconsin Milwaukee), Translated Practice:  traditional medicine practiced among Milwaukee’s Latino community

      5.   Agnes Loeffler (U. of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health), Looking for Death in the Autopsy

      6.   Matthew Dalstrom (U. of Wisconsin Milwaukee), Recreating the American Medical Experience in Mexico


8:00-10:45 (3-5)  Global Politics, Development and Localized Violence:  Recent Interrogations of Social Life in the Andes and the Upper Amazon [335]

Co-organizers and co-chairs:  Bartholomew Dean and Sydney Silverstein (U. of Kansas)

      1.   Sydney Silverstein (U. of Kansas), After the Smoke Has Cleared: Truth committees and the challenges towards reconciliation in Peru

      2.   Bartholomew Dean (U. of Kansas), Blood in the Forest: an anthropological assessment of the Bagua Massacre in Peru

      3.   Joshua Homan (U. of Kansas), Charlatans, Seekers, and Shamans: Ayahuasca ontology in Upper Amazonia

      4.   Travis Canaday (U. of Kansas), Warriors, Cannibals, and Vampiric Shamans:  Metaphysical beliefs in relation to Amazonian warfare and assault Sorcery

      5.   Nicholas Kotlinski (U. of Kansas), Agro-Fuels, Food Security, and Sustainable “Developoment”: Agricultural change in Northeastern Peru

      6.   Clarice Amorim (U. of Kansas), NGOs and Neoliberalism: The case of microfinancing in Bolivia

      7.   John Hoopes (U. of Kansas), discussant




10:15-12:15 (3-6)  Digital Inquiries: Ethnography in the Information Age [313]

Organizer:  Chris Butler (U. of Wisconsin Madison)

Chair: Neil Whitehead (U. of Wisconsin Madison)

      1.   Stephanie Aleman (U of Wisconsin Madison), Technology, representation and the “e-thropologist”:  The shape-shifting field among indigenous Amazonians

      2.   Cabell Gathman (U of Wisconsin Madison), Digital Bodies: From Avatars to the Photograph(ic/ed) Self

      3.   Christopher Butler (U of Wisconsin Madison), Connecting with Code:  Digital Subjectivities and Structured Interactions in Programmed Realties

      4.   Katie Hines (Kansas State U.), The PostSecret Effect

      5.   Moses Wolfenstein (U of Wisconsin Madison), People before pixels: (Re)mediated leadership in a Massively Multiplayer On-Line Game


10:45-12:15 (3-7)  Anthropology of Tourism: Trouble in Paradise [309]

Chair:  Chanasai Tiengtrakul (Rockhurst U.)

      1.   Dimple Patel (DePaul U.), The Effects of Tourism on Changing Settlement Patterns: A Case Study of Cockburn Town

      2.   Chanasai Tiengtrakul (Rockhurst U.), Island Paradise Tourism and Development Revisited: A Cursory View of Phuket, Thailand

      3.   Brian Johnson (Missouri State U.), Sustainable Community Tourism in Bluefields, Jamaica


10:45-12:15 (3-8)  Interpretations of Contemporary Material Culture [213]

Chair:  Bill Guinee (Westminster College)

      1.   Hannah Harp and Julie Hollowell (DePauw U.), Archaeology of the Homeless:  Examining The Material Culture of Homelessness Through "Homeless Blogs"

      2.   Heather Frigiola (Purdue U.), The Role of Pets in Contemporary American Identity Formation and Material Culture

      3.   Anna Adams (DePaul U.), Mortuary Symbols and Styles on New Providence


10:45-12:15 (3-9)   Q&A Session with Virginia Dominguez, AAA President [325]


11:00-12:15 (3-10)   Ethnographic Film:  Getting Our Feet Wet [335]

Chair:  MaryCarol Hopkins (Northern Kentucky U.)       

      1.   MaryCarol Hopkins (Northern Kentucky U.) and Teresa Preston (Hutchinson Community College, Kansas), Ashanti Arts: Traditional Art in Contemporary Culture

      2.   Margaret Buckner (Missouri State U.), Parent-Child Linguistic Interaction: Guinea-Bissau vs. South Carolina

      3.   Rick Feinberg (Kent State U.), Consulting for the BBC       


12:30-1:30 (3-11)  CSAS business meeting and luncheon (ticketed) [Pyle AT&T Lounge, 1st floor]



1:45-3:30 (3-12)  Change and Continuity in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India [325]

Organizer and chair:  Sally Steindorf (Principia College)

      1.   Kristen Rosen and Lyndsay Eaton (Principia College), Family vs.Self: The Evolving State of Marriage in Udaipur, Rajastan, India

      2.   Amanda Stephenson (Principia College), Change and Maintenance of Traditional Ecological Values among the Bhil: Causes and Impacts

      3.   Anna Proctor (Principia College), Dalits in their Own Words: Struggles and Opportunities

      4.   Sally Steindorf (Principia College), discussant


1:45-3:45 (3-13)  If All You Have is a Hammer: Transporting Legal Technologies of Repair [309]

Organizer and chair: Sameena Mulla  (Marquette U.)

      1.   Alexandra Crampton (Marquette U.), From Cultural Practice to Professionalized Intervention Tool: Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

      2.   Michael J. Oldani (U. of Wisconsin Whitewater), ADR Solutions for Aboriginal Canadians Suffering PTSD: An Ethnographic Critique

      3.   Lindsay Smith  (Northwestern U.), Disappearance, Death, and Forensic Identification in Post-Dictatorship Argentina

      4.   Sameena Mulla  (Marquette U.), The Limits and Meaning of DNA in Sexual Assault Investigation

      5.   Discussant: tba


1:45-3:45 (3-14)  Workshop on Ethnographic Film: Basic Video Editing [335]

Chair:  Tim Tynan (U. of Wisconsin Madison)


1:45-4:15 (3-15)  Being Muslim in a Modern State [313]

Organizer:  Wendell Schwab (Indiana U.)

Chair:  Zohra Ismail (Indiana U.)

      1.   Sarah Kendzior (Washington U. St. Louis), Reclaiming Ma’naviyat: Morality, Criminality and Dissident Politics in Uzbekistan

      2.   Katherine Wiley (Indiana U.), Being Muslim, Being Fashionable: Muslim Identity through Dress in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania

      3.   Wendell Schwab (Indiana U.), Submission and Ignorance: Reading Hadith in Kazakhstan

      4.   Amanda Stueve (Kansas State U.), Changing Moroccan Identity

      5.   Noor Borbieva (Indiana U. Purdue U. Fort Wayne), Islamic revival in the former Soviet Union: Diversification or Normalization?

      6.   Zohra Ismail (Indiana U.), Continuities and Contradictions: Moral Discourses and the Art of Governance in Tajikistan


1:45-5:30 (3-16)  Working in the Environment: New Methodological Approaches to Culture, Landscape, and Society (double session) [213]

Organizers: Alex Nading and Noah Theriault (U. of Wisconsin Madison)

Chair:  Alex Nading (U. of Wisconsin Madison)

      1.  Kurt Gron (U. of Wisconsin Madison), ErtebŅlle Faunal Exploitation: Can Ecological Analyses Help Explain Hunter-Gatherer Resource Use?

      2.   Lisa Jackson (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Mermaid Magic and Fisheries Management on the Miskito Coast of Honduras

      3.   Noah Theriault (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Toward an Anthropology of Authority in Emergent Regimes of Environmental Regulation

      4.   Chelsea Chapman (U. of Wisconsin Madison), An Anthropology of energy?  Workers, activists, and the ethnography of materiality in the Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge

      5.   Heather Walder (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Exploring the Ancient Landscape of India’s Earliest Deciphered Inscriptions

      6.   Karin Butterworth (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Navigating the Production of Place: Maps as Ethnographic Tools

      7.   Alex Nading (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Walking a Line, Visiting Houses in Motion:  Kinetic Anthropology in an Urban Landscape

      8.   Po-Yi Hung (U. of Wisconsin Madison), Relational Landscape of Tea:  Assemblage as a New Approach to Landscape Studies

      9.   Tracey Heatherington (U. of Wisconsin Milwaukee), discussant




3:45-5:30 (3-17)  Lessons on Student Experimental Learning:  Design, Training, and Assessment [325]

Organizer and chair:  Russell Rhoads (Grand Valley State U.)

      1.   Claude Jacobs (U. of Michigan Dearborn), Exploring Religious Diversity:  The Worldviews Seminar as Experimental Learning

      2.   J.A. Lewis-Harris (U. of Missouri St. Louis), Science, Race and Social Constructions:  Using Applied Anthropology to Address Racial Perceptions

      3.   Azizur Molla, Marie-Angela Della Pia, and Jordan C. Freeman (Grand Valley State U.), Socio-economic Dimensions of Radon Gas in West Michigan--An Applied Medical Anthropology Study

      4.   Russell Rhoads (Grand Valley State U.), Experience as Anthropology: How to Assess Levels of Student Learning through Community Engagement


4:00- 5:30 (3-18)  I Don’t Know This Place: Exclusion and Agency in Labor Transmigration and Landscape Transformation [309]

Co-organizers and co-chairs: Evin Rodkey and Ruth Gomberg-MuĖoz (U. of Illinois Chicago)

      1.   Evin Rodkey and Ruth Gomberg-MuĖoz (U. of Illinois Chicago), “Illegal Aliens” and “Criminal Deportees”: Racism and the Legal Categorization of Immigrants

      2.   John Michels (U. of Illinois Chicago), The Road to Nowhere? Varying Viewpoints of the Highway 11 Development Project in Rural Ontario

      3.   Laura Nussbaum-Barberena (U. of Illinois Chicago), Fron Both Sides:  Binational Networks of Nicaraguan Immigrants in Costa Rica


4:00-5:30 (3-19) Film Screening, "Ashanti Arts: Traditional Art in Contemporary Culture", a five-part film by Teresa O. Preston and MaryCarol Hopkins [335]


5:30-7:00  Cash Bar Reception [Alumni Lounge, 1st floor]





9:00 -11:00 (4-1)  Incoming President’s Breakfast Round Table [Lowell Dining Room]

Organizer:  Robert C. Ulin

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