ANT 309 Service Learning in Anthropology

Spring 2015

in conjunction with

ANT 381 Language, Thought, and Culture


Course Policy Statement 

"The goals of the service learning component are to give students an active, hands-on learning experience that complements in-class assignments, and to help students develop the attitudes and skills to become effective responsible participants in their community. By gaining real-world experience in public organizations, students will be more effective in their individual lives and their roles of community citizens."

Service Learning Requirements      

By the second week of class, students must select an agency or organization from a list of community partners, with the approval of the instructor, where they will work as a volunteer. The agencies and organizations should deal with people of different linguistic, ethnic, social, or economic backgrounds, or involve groups of different ages or gender. The student's duties should include interaction with people.

Students must complete two hours of training/orientation before placement. This training is conducted by the University's CASL ("Citizenship and Service Learning") Office. The schedule for orientation sessions is posted on the CASL calendar

Students are required to complete a total of 40 hours of work with the community agency by the end of the semester. (The one hour of CASL orientation counts toward the 40-hour total.) Students should put in several hours each week; three hours per week is recommended.      

Students will keep an informal journal documenting activities, observations, and problems encountered by individuals/families at the agency, and especially notes on language use. Also, students should discuss their service-learning observations during class discussions, and apply their experience and observations to their class assignments when possible. Finally, at the end of the semester, students will write a 4-5 page paper that summarizes things they've learned that tie into class and includes reflection on their service-learning experience. The paper is due May 4.  

Students will be required to meet briefly outside of class with the instructor at least every other week to discuss journal entries. Students are encouraged to discuss with the instructor any problems encountered while at the agency as soon as they arise.      

During class periods, students may be asked to discuss their service learning experiences.      

While volunteering at a local organization, students are expected to act in a responsible manner. They must keep scheduled work hours and complete assigned duties. They are expected to maintain good working relationships with supervisors and peers. Conduct that is deemed unacceptable to the supervisor may result in a student's dismissal from that agency and from the service learning component of the course.

Evaluation of ANT 309 Performance

A separate course grade will be assigned for the one hour of ANT 309 credit. The grade will be based on how well the students meet the above-stated requirements, on their weekly journal entries, on how well they incorporate their service learning experiences in class discussions, and the reflection paper.

Visit the  Citizenship and Service Learning homepage for more information.